News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this June!

So June? June is pretty hectic, tiring, and few but major changes (more like straightening out my *beep*). But you know me, I’d rather put the details under a wrap (here’s to my failed pun!!) Well, June is almost over and I’m still thinking how the heck that happened so quickly (like always). Now with July coming in it means half a year is officially over and that always mind blowing! I swear the “ber” months is fast approaching & it’s making me all anxious!! (but what’s new??)

But overall June went pretty solid for me. New things came, and that’s because of this post I’ve decided to surely worked extra hard to make things done. I’m still unsure but all is well when I finally decided to take risk & do it like I’m supposed to! I’m still kinda playing it by the ear, but so far, so good. Thank You God!

Blogging in June: the intense feel of wanting to enter the serious photography arena (but then, camera money where??!!)

So June was pretty okay blogging wise. I usually do all the posts & scheduled them a month prior but that didn’t happen (well, I did draft them in WP, but no photos). My nit-picky attitude to my blog photos made me really want to pursue serious blog photography!! (this is starting the unnerve me, it’s been two months ) I so want original photos–photos I take myself!! Gotta hustle some more!! Enough first world problems, here are my June post!!

June Reading List: mixed match of a lot of things, from historical oni-slayers, to overly dramatic shoujo manga (per usual) and the unmemorables!!

Shoujo manga fluff is fluffy!!

I’m always too sleepy when I go to bed that I couldn’t do a lot of reading, but with my ever changing sched (hopefully this new one is “the one” that sticks! ) I hope that I’ll get to set a solid time for my reading.  Anyhoo, I did a twitter thread of my 2018 reads (which I need to update soon, too) but here are the rest:

1. (Eden no Hana) (completed)  – this from the author of Chihayafuru & it’s another incest but not really ‘cos they weren’t really blood related story. It’s like dramatic, kinda Mars feels but the latter was better, execution wise. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it but it was nice distraction because it was overly and unnecessarily dramatic, so there’s that.

2. (Getsuyoubi no Koibito) (completed) – Another kinda lame shoujo manga, the girl confessed to the guy and by some miracle he agreed only to find out she was just one of the many girls he had. He has lovers every day and she was the Monday girl (hence the title), it was unexpected that the Tuesday girl was actually pretty nice to her & she was aware that the guy was falling for her Monday girlfriend.

3. Kimetsu no Yaiba (ongoing) – I’ve been pondering which one to read between this and Yakusoku no Neverland but for some reason I was leaning more on some historical fantasy action so here we are!! I caught up to the latest chapter! It gives me some D-Gray Man vibes but Tanjirou is so pure and kind & it just so amazing! And I like how simple his reason for fighting: his sister. I also love all the other characters!! I’m little anxious with the anime but I still look forward to it.

4. (Kimi ga Tonari ni Iru Nante) (completed) – I’m racking my brains but I can’t remember the story LOL I must have been too sleepy that I didn’t remember the story, anyway this one was very boring…obviously.

(Mabuko no Koi) (ongoing) – this is just so sweet, sweet manga! Like it’s so cute even though they’re college students but there budding romamce is the type that gives you butterflies in the stomach! I feel like even though the romance is slow, it’s steady and makes me smile, and I need that!! Plus, Nobuko’s character resonated to me so much; how she described herself as plain, reserved and bad dealing with attentionthat is so me!! I love this one (www)

6.  (Nakaseta Sekinin Totte Kure(completed) – the girl is like “older sister” to young students and she saved them from bullies but when the problem got rougher with them, she got herself in real trouble BUT!! enter some hot guy to save the day! I kinda like this one cos the girl got spunk, although I hope she didn’t fall for him that quick! Heh~ that’s asking too much for a fluff shoujo manga.

7. (Shen Yi Di Nu) (ongoing) – I’m trying to stay away from all the “isekai” CN webtoons but I’m so drawn to the pretty art that I can’t help but read it. She got reincarnated & transported back to ancient China & all her modern medical knowledge helped her to be in good graces with the ninth prince!

Life in June: unexpected run ins, finally taking risk, and learning to cope to changes in life!

June greeted us with heavy rains!!
  • Some emotional turmoil June was… well not for me, but for some of my family members. I think they already sorted it out, and I hope all well that ends well with them (I was angry at that person, too ) but you know forgiveness, redemption and all that! I hope this person changed for the better. And this change is permanent!
  • Even though it’s a bummer that I’m gonna have less hours to my hobbies I feel blessed that God has provided me with such an amazing opportunity. I didn’t even expect it, it just came. I was thinking twice & almost backed out but I decided to stop fearing the unknown take risks and do it!  And while I’m not 100% sure (like every thing in this world) all I need to do is to do what I can to the utmost of my ability. Just like in my Bible lesson this month: “change requires new thinking. In order to change, we must know the truth and start making good choices, but we must also change the way we think.” < so right!!
  • So yeah, I’m going to be very busy with my schedule has drastically changed, and I need to sort out things. I need some serious balance between all hobbies and RL (#adulting) stuff!!

Looking forward to July! The seventh month & indulging to a must needed wishlist, and learning to love my situation & be grateful for all the blessings from God.

Is it OK to anticipate a busy July??
  • Obviously I’m freaking out that six months are already gone, so I have goals to achieve (sans the one I’ve written, more personal, very personal so little to no details at all, sorry!) But the main point is to do my best, to trust my self and when in doubt don’t hesitate to ask for God’s guidance!
  • July!! I don’t have lots of things I want to do in July, but I just want to fully and happily accept my situation (no more horsing around) I don’t know why I’m such a debbie downer when in fact, if I look at things closely I’m superbly blessed. Learn to love it, self! This is what you want, right? Be grateful, be happy, be contended. Just do!
  • Little niece’s birthday although we’re not cooking any suprise for her birthday, so will probably gonna celebrate with family (she celebrates it with us & her relatives from her mother side!) I’m scouting gift ‘cos that a good auntie’s duty! LOL
  • I already written my blog posts but I really haven’t drafted/sched (time of writing this entry…who knows I might done it already by the time this post is published)! Again, new sched, I’m still trying to cement the routine and hopefully get back to the swing of things.
  • Summer anime?? and I’m not sure which ones to watch (haven’t checked it out yet, can you feel how busy I am that I’m neglecting my anime, yup, yup. Manga reading? Sure! Anime…yeah, have tons to work on!
  • One of my goals this July is to buy something (hush, hush or else I’ll screw it up but no, it’s not a camera) but gotta earn the money, saving so much so wishful thinking that by July I have enough to buy it (God will provide)
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. — Galatians 6:9 | NIV