News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this June 2019!

Well, well, well~ we’re about to enter the second half of the year!  I remember my late dad listening to his transistor radio every night and the radio announcer was already playing Christmas songs as early as June. But goodness, 2019 is sprinting to 2020 like mad fast and I’m about to freak out because of it. And before I do that (panicking about time flying so fast) I’m gonna drop June events, and you guys, it was definitely better than last month. Phew!

So yeah, I was pretty happy how this month went. It was pretty lax compare to May which was nerve wracking and exhausting. This month, sure, there were ups and downs but it was OK. So I’m very grateful and blessed. I caught up with some of my pending work and even trying to plan out some personal online projects! (yes, plural but it’s all hush hush for now).

Blogging in June: Another change for the better! And new online projects on the horizon!

I think I’m gonna cut one more post from my usual number ‘cos well, balancing stuff. Don’t get me wrong I fiercely love blogging still (didn’t I tell you I have online projects cooking up! ) but preparing & then some, just need more time. So, if I want to do all these things I gotta find some leeway in all the free time I have. So yeah, expect three posts per month starting this month (or last month??) But less is more, ‘cos if I think about it more reserve posts mean consistent blogging!

Reading in June: Feeling the funk, my motto was try and try, and try some until you like what you read!

This is where the bad news come, I didn’t get to read a lot. I mean, I read but did I enjoy it? maybe, maybe not. It was a trying time *sighs* in all seriousness, I was kinda want to kick myself because I’ve been trying new series, some were even part of my humongous and not-so-embarrassing backlog. And while I did read, I wasn’t in the mood. Like 60% to my usual 100% reading energy! I kept swinging back and effort between the series I was trying to read (yes, operative word “trying”) but none of them really wow me. So, it wasn’t fun reading month for me. But that’s fine, I still managed to finish one webtoon series, and found an almost favorite (it’s too early to tell, the available chapters I read are quite intriguing. The only one that left me hanging after catching up with the latest release!)

  1. 7Seeds – I didn’t know this series had two heroines, this is an issue for me ‘cos I’m the type of reader who get invested hard for the main character (the very first one in this case). I’m already attached with the first set of characters so when it suddenly shifted focus to the other team/group, it kinda messed up my mood hence stopping it altogether. Should I just watch the Netflix anime adaptation and see how it goes? (and should I really start 16 years running manga…the amount scares me a bit tbqh!!)
  2. Honey Blood (허니 블러드) – the only series I managed to read consistently from beginning to end. I was intrigued because it’s a vampire modern romance story (and I dig those hard!) The beginning was pretty sad, because the heroine was bullied but the vampire she met and become her “pet” helped her to speak up, act, and forgive not only the people who hurt her but also herself. He too had similar backstory as her. So it was kinda nice. And while I applauded myself for finishing, it was pretty slow read for me. Normally I can finish this in 2-3 days but it took me like a week or so? So yeah, the mood def wasn’t for reading this month.
  3. Honey Lemon Soda – I expected something refreshing because of the title, and the reviews I’ve seen so far tell me that it was (I think someone asked me to translate this but I declined since I didn’t like author’s previous work) but meh, it was too saccharine even for me. Your usual fluff Ribon stories (and I like fluff mind you but this one, nah). I might drop this.
  4. Kanojo ni Naritai Kimi to Boku – this one’s interesting. The heroine decided to wear gakuran (boy’s uniform) because her best friend who identify herself as girl decided to wear a girl’s uniform. She did it because she wanted to understand her (who she also harbors feeling for). The story is now getting interesting and I am super interested with the new character and his sister’s story.
  5. Matsurika Kanri Den Kotei No Koigokoro – I liked this better than Ookami (see below). Similarly, there’s also the royal politics going on but I think the heroine here is far better. She has photographic memory, and this made someone from the palace interested in her. He urged her to take a test for government official. And I’m all for women doing their best against all odds…or against men because it’s rare for woman to try government position during those times.
  6. Ookami Heika no Hanayome – my younger sister loved this series, and admittedly this wasn’t the first time I’ve tried it (like it’s my fourth try already?), I’ve gotten until chapter 50+ so that’s a def improvement but seriously so meh. The heroine has no character whatsoever. There’s childhood friend/love interest # 2 but pass! This one is so boring I don’t understand the hype. Maybe it’s just me. I’m on the fence if I will continue or not.
  7. Shinazu no Shoujo wa Hyakki to Chigiru – this is the only series I want more but chapters aren’t available yet. It’s about an immortal girl who met two guys, with one of them witnessed her falling from the school building but she survived unscathed! There’s brewing chemistry (I see it, I see it!!) and intriguing characters so I hope for more!

Life in June: Successes, birthdays, and something I’m praying really hard! I need God’s guidance with this!

Birthdays Galore
Birthdays Galore
  • So June, I’m thankful. I really don’t like to share detailed private moments of my life but I’m happy to tell vague deets: I celebrated a huge milestone this month. All the doubts I had last month somewhat withered when I received such an incredible news. I have so little faith in myself so I needed that! It reminded me the I’m doing the best that I can and that’s important. My willingness to try even if it means the result is not perfect. One step a time, as Jordin Sparks song goes.
  • June meant celebration, first it was my sister’s so for her birthday we went out for dinner with just us three sissies & my niece. Then the week after it, we surprised our grandma with a huge feast (cakes and ice cream galore) for her 91st birthday! She accepted that we weren’t gonna celebrate anything but we did surprise her to tears. My grandma is easy to cry. Since the fam was complete, I got to see my little nephew again! So, yeah, every month a family member celebrates birthday! Next up my niece (and she’s asking me for a lip tint, my baby girl is all grown up).
  • As of time of writing, the weather outside is all wet and dreary! I think I heard from the news that is officially monsoon season, so there’s that. Although it was still pretty hot the earlier weeks of June. But I think it’s really the rainy season; so yeah, cold nights & hot chocolate!!
  • I’m on the roll with my journaling, I’m proud! I’m glad I picked up the time and day to do that instead of waiting for my diary to waste away ‘cos mood (and laziness). I ordered another set of stickers and brand new notebook (even though I haven’t finished my current one). I promise to finish this one soonish!!

Looking forward to July: Staying positive! Rainy days and Mondays, and hot cup of chocolate drink. And a prayer request.

Prayers are powerful!
  • July be good to me! Gotta spread the positive vibes so it’ll be as chill and as productive as June was. I do have something that bugging my mind, but I’m praying it to God. I really don’t like leaving it completely undone because we have to work for it. I believe in faith with action. I hope my mom understand my stance about it. It is something we have disagreement lately. Lord I pray, guide us.
  • Like I said I want to start my online projects but I first want to finish my two other commission work, then I’ll start creating it little by little. I’ve been wanting to do it but meh, time. Not unlike before that my computer time is solely for hobbies, I do that for work now…so yeah, there’s that. But I’m excited!! Hope to pull it off before the year ends, at least that’s my target!
  • I’ve already renewed my domain, a month ahead because I remembered it & didn’t want the renewal reminder to nag me. I really, really love the name & I think I’ll keep it for a while. I used to always fuse two words together but I like the simplicity of just one word. And it really embodies my whimsical & minimalist side! Advance happy birthday, Faiery!!
  • Of course, new season means new anime. I am most excited to watch and ! I still have and as my Spring leftovers.
  • So I have my usual prayers and I have faith that it will work out for the better. And as I mentioned earlier, I also need to put some action. I hope we find a way to make it work. God please shed some light, guide us. Thank you.
Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it. — Isaiah 30:21 | NIV