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I’ve decided to do a monthly recap instead. I’m still on denial but it’s pretty evident that I’m slacking big time with this blog. The passion to blog is still there albeit on different topic so…yeah. Anyways, I think I did well despite the slump I’m encountering and at any rate, as long as I have new shows to watch the books will take as my second priority. I know, I feel bad but the heart gotta do what the heart’s want to do. But enough of my emo-talk, let’s do the recap:

Flavors of the Month:
Book Review:
Special Post:

Now, how about you lovely bookish folks? How was June? Exciting? Memorable? Any news you’d like to share with me! I don’t bite, promise. :rock: 😎


12 Responses to June in a nutshell!

  1. Daniela says:

    I love these sorts of posts! It’s so easy having the posts all in one place, I’ll definitely be glued to your blog for the next few hours 🙂
    Daniela xo |

  2. Amelia Mason says:

    i really love how organised this post is. june was quite disappointing for me in terms of reading i got through three books but only really enjoyed one of them (being divergent). ah well, hoping july is a better month! 🙂

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Thank you, Amelia. Aw, I hope this July will be great for all of us, at least you enjoyed one of the books you read last month. 😀

  3. We all go through blogging slumps once in a while, so it’s okay, Mitchii! Just as long as you’re doing what you enjoy. 🙂 Like right now, I’m totally slacking on commenting too because of other distractions, heh. I want to do so many different things but there’s just no time, so something’s gotta be pushed to the side for a while.

    June was an okay month for me — the usual. Nothing very exciting happened, but it wasn’t boring either. Book-wise, though, June hasn’t been that great. Most of my reads were pretty meh, all 3 or 3.5 stars — kind of like yours, too. :/ But here’s hoping that July is MUCH better for the both of us!

    P.S. I have to agree with the other two commenters: love the format of this post! 😀

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I saw you pretty much around, I, on the hand, is the one slacking on commenting. Yeah, the books I read were pretty much meh, hopefully I’ll get to read an awesome book for this month. 😀

      Thanks Megan!

  4. I’m not being as good as I should be, June is kind of a blur, and blogging was not a strong spot. Here’s to July!!

  5. Finley Jayne says:

    Sorry to hear that June was a rough blogging month for you. Maybe it’s time to shake things up? I just did a big revamp with my reading/blogging and I’ve done away with TBR lists, Goodreads, book ratings and traditional reviews. It was nerve wracking to make the changes but I’m so happy I decided to do it 🙂

  6. Nikki @ The Paper Sea says:

    Yup, you’ve got to do what’s best for you, Mitchii! If you still have the urge to blog, maybe it’s time to reevaluate? Change things around on the blog. If you’re still into reviewing books but anime is becoming another passion for you, why not incorporate both? I’m sure there’s an audience for it!

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