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Title: Hush, Hush Author: Becca Fitzpatrick Pages: 391 Rating: I...

Title: Hush, Hush
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Pages: 391
Rating: 2 star

I was really intrigued with Hush, Hush because most book reviews I read says this book is very similar to Twilight. It has the same formula of “normal high school girl meets a dangerous mysterious creature guy and then they fell in love” type of story. This time it’s not vampire – but fallen angel (to make things different, I suppose). Since it sounds intriguing, I decided to read it. My sister read it first and she is completely fallen in love with the book. As for me, well… I’m appalled. I don’t particularly hate it but I can’t say I like it either. I think Twilight is few (or more) notches up than this book (consistency and plot-wise). There is something illogical yet tolerable that kept me reading it. But if I didn’t know Twilight first I think the book can stand on its own (reputation). It has its charm, romance and all but it doesn’t leave me craving for more.

I’m a big Twilight fan so I’m bit biased. But if you ask me if I enjoy the novel? Somehow, than most people do. The story is unique in someway. Though I have problem swallowing Becca Fitzpatrick’s idea of fallen angel. But prejudices aside, it’s still hard for me to like her character Patch. And who would name a godly creature after a dog’s name. It doesn’t sound right. Not only that, I didn’t like his personality at all. His rude, arrogant and unclean (I don’t know why, that’s how I picture him in my mind). In short, he is a total jerk. I don’t like the minor characters too, especially Vee. Nora has the same ditsy character like Bella. But I think Bella is better. And don’t let me start with the supposed romance between the two main characters; their relationship is icing on the cake, I am completely confused. I don’t understand it. He wanted to kill her (yeah I know that… blah…blah, so he’ll become human, nephilim stuff, etc). and then just revealed he was falling for her. I don’t get it. It’s a rather obscure development. Plus the idea of flirting with your guardian angel sounds so…. not right.

The only thing that forces me to finish the book is because I wanted to know what’s happening. The author just left clues and hold back the information. Since I’m curious and wanted to know what’s happening, I still read it ‘till the end. The end was… ok, for the lack of better word.

To sum up, it’s an okay book. It’s not spectacular but it’s ok. For those who will read it, don’t expect too much. Like Patch said (or something like it) the higher you fly the deeper you fall. (I’m totally not sure).

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