Can you call someone your favorite author if you only liked/loved one of this person’s work? Have you experienced loving a piece of literature so much and in the process fell for the author because of it? And you look forward reading more work from this person. But the second time was a flop to you. So were the third try…and the fourth? And you feel like the fifth ain’t gonna work out for you, too. It looks like you only liked one of his/her work. So have you experience it? Have you? Have you?!

I admit that when a title blew me away I become an on-the-lookout for this author’s work kind of fan. My expectations are pretty high! More than others! Because I expected the same amazingness and the feeling of being blown away by something you read. That simply is to be expected right? And that feeling is just basically, you know, magnificent? Astonishing? Incredible? All of the above! So of course I want a repeat. I want an encore! I so want that feeling back because this author’s writing prowess is something etched along with my love with his/her work I first tried!

But there are cases that author’s works aren’t appealing to me expect for THE ONE! And this makes me super sad because I have such expectations.  It came from the same person so following a simple logic here means it should be by default emitting the same greatness too! But no such luck! Sometimes the greatness only happens once! So the author for me is just “one hit wonderer.”

Usually I give second chances (well usually, but for some cases I’m quite the cold-hearted woman who doesn’t give second chances). Like if I tried the sophomore work of this author and didn’t like it, or if I heard he/she’ll be doing another work I might still try it. Maybe I’ll still read it even if the second wasn’t really that successful. But I already put the author’s name synonymously with the “bestest feeling ever” so fruitless follows-up is downright a debby downer! So I can’t help but to think that maybe that was one time only. And no, I’m not saying that the author just got lucky and all his works are not good (I mean we all agree that reading is subjective!) but in the perspective of a reader you’re just disappointed that nothing of the same happened after that one time.

For authors maybe there is some sort of pressure for successful follow-up! Especially for works that became extremely popular. I think there’s more pressure on ‘em to produce the same quality. And I understand! I too am excited and look forward to new work of the series or title I fell in love with! Even after word-vomited all of these TL;DR things in the end I still consider myself an optimistic kind of reader!  Even if just once, the fact it became so memorable is worth noting for! It would be awesome for another round but I’m still forever grateful for the one time!

How about you? Have you experienced this situation that none of the new works of your supposed to be favorite author/s (based only on one work) appealed to you? Care to share it with me!