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Hi guys, it’s now July, time flies really fast. Half...

Hi guys, it’s now July, time flies really fast. Half of the year has already passed. I’m doing some changes with my blog. I already unveiled my new layout. I’m also planning to add some features aside from the meme & reviews. I’ll reveal them one by one so stick around. I always want to do more than reviews. Blog Tours is a big step for me but I’m not going do it frequently. The first one almost slipped out of my mind because of the events happened in my life. And I don’t want to do a half-ass job; it’s unfair to the people involved. So yeah, that’s why. The memes are still going to regular thing here on Aeropapers.

So that’s pretty much it for the blog news.

  • Oh and btw did you know that Keira Cass will have book signing event here in the Philippines. I’m not sure if I’m going. I’m not a big fan of the book series. My sister is, so yeah…still undecided.


  • I’m doing the #BSMPhotoaday @ instagram. I really envy those who can take pictures of book or pictures in general so beautifully. I’m rectifying it by taking pictures, I just don’t know where to start so I thought immediately about these challenges floating around. Oh yeah, follow me @machineries (unsuccessful plugging /fails).
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