Blogger / Looking back on things that holds my blogging mojo together!

First, a greeting is in order, Happy 7th Blogoversary my sweet, sweet blog! Three years ago I wrote three simple ways on how to stay longer in this blogger game! And while time to time I’m losing some of that steam but I still find myself returning and revamping my blog. Because to me it isn’t just a simple blog anymore. I put some hard work, at the same time I sincerely enjoy it—without so much outside factor influencing my decision and enjoyment. I don’t care if it isn’t an ‘IT’ thing anymore, and everyone’s abandoning their blogs and moving on doing different avenues. I rarely—actually, I simply don’t care! It’s harsh and conceited but that’s me! I created this for myself, this is more than just a journal—it’s a journey to me, too!

Remembering my old post, my basic rules are: (1) Keep it simple. (2) Be Yourself. And lastly (3) Love it! And I think it still applies even today (or forever if I dare say so!). Blogging is a very old online activity/hobby. I’ve been blogging before twitter, Instagram and YouTube were big (or haven’t even started)! There are several online blogs that I enjoyed reading. If anything it’s something that has consistently remained in this ever fast and changing online world.

I compiled few of blog posts of mine that I want to add in my three basic rules!

1. If you need change then change! Never be afraid to embrace changes! Allow your blog to follow your new style and mindset!

The only constant in this world is change! And that’s true in every life situation. There’s nothing in this world that doesn’t change! …change isn’t specific. It can be for the better or for the worst! But change is necessary, and I understand the apprehension that involves with the process! Don’t worry those things are warranted—expected but don’t be too cautious! Because unless you do it you’ll never know what it is!

2. Learn to motivate yourself! And your motivation should be something that you, yourself want, now what everyone is or wants you to be!

I guess because from the very beginning my objective never deviates despite numerous changes that has happened: is to talk; is to share; and sometimes is to learn. And that what makes me heavily invested in blogging. I know that if I have something I want to share, I have my blog to serve as my outlet. I never really entertain ideas of popularity, uniqueness and such. That being said nothing wrong with that but those things never appeal to me on personal level. I just love what I’m doing. Period!

3. Find success in small things! It should never be by numeric values and such.  The moment that you realize that you love blogging and enjoy it regardless that itself is still being successful!

I think what really stuck to me from grad school was to never stop learning. Every day I wanted to be good especially my writing but I still don’t want the pressure to devour me. I want it running smoothly and maybe that’s the key reason why I’m still doing it and still loving it. I would never let myself consume on the thought that I must follow how people run their blogs. Or what becomes the norm.