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I think this is a pretty solid month. October is a great month for blogging & for me (at least on some aspects). As you all know (hopefully you do know) October is my birth month, as well as my blog anniversary (seriously I don’t know the right portmanteau of these two words; blogversary? Blogoversary?). Anyways, I’m pretty happy that I have some of posts ideas written down (the closest thing to scheduling. I’m growing up people~). It’s  really a nice feeling that I have things prepared. Yay for productivity, right?

Here’s a breakdown of what has happened this month:


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That Reading Index

ig-oct-1I’m such a jinx, because when I said that I was getting my groove back, I ended up not reading again. ^^; But I did read two New Adult books: The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan & Complicate Me by M. Robinson. I wanted mindless reads so I opted to read NA, but you know what, my tastes have drastically changed. These books left me unimpressed. Damn, angst + romance aren’t working on me anymore. Ah, I miss the ‘ol days when I used to be very easy to please.

I revived my old featured called, What’s on my Reading List? last month as an effort to tidy up my TBR. I’m delighted with how well I do with my manga stack, but not on my books! Even though the situation is like that, I still have the guts to add couple of new ones. *smh* Right now I’m reading Hana Kimi (I haven’t read it. Yeah, shocking! But I had seen both JP & TW live-action dramas…the KR, um…nope?) and I’m enjoying thus far!

Other fandoms, passion, some RL & whatnots:

  • ig-oct-2I’m sporting a new design. I’m trying to make an adult impression, hopefully that’s working (hiding the fact that my posts sound so ludicrous & childish). I also designed Chri’s (of Aerou) new theme. I’m so productive, right?
  • The 17th was my birthday! (btw I’m older than 22) I dined out with my family. It is always a simple celebration. Also, I’m quite surprised that mom did greet me on the right day! I love you, Mom! LOL
  • Autumn anime line-up started, all my favorites are now airing: Haikyuu, Noragami, One Punch Man, Owari no Seraph. So happy!!! *otaku mode on* (you can read my first impression if you want). ;D

And that’s it, *pancit, now I turn over to you beautiful people; how’s October?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!

* I think only Filipino peeps will get this one. ;D