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I think this is a pretty solid month. October is a great month for blogging & for me (at least on some aspects). As you all know (hopefully you do know) October is my birth month, as well as my blog anniversary (seriously I don’t know the right portmanteau of these two words; blogversary? Blogoversary?). Anyways, I’m pretty happy that I have some of posts ideas written down (the closest thing to scheduling. I’m growing up people~). It’s  really a nice feeling that I have things prepared. Yay for productivity, right?

Here’s a breakdown of what has happened this month:


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That Reading Index

ig-oct-1I’m such a jinx, because when I said that I was getting my groove back, I ended up not reading again. ^^; But I did read two New Adult books: The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan & Complicate Me by M. Robinson. I wanted mindless reads so I opted to read NA, but you know what, my tastes have drastically changed. These books left me unimpressed. Damn, angst + romance aren’t working on me anymore. Ah, I miss the ‘ol days when I used to be very easy to please.

I revived my old featured called, What’s on my Reading List? last month as an effort to tidy up my TBR. I’m delighted with how well I do with my manga stack, but not on my books! Even though the situation is like that, I still have the guts to add couple of new ones. *smh* Right now I’m reading Hana Kimi (I haven’t read it. Yeah, shocking! But I had seen both JP & TW live-action dramas…the KR, um…nope?) and I’m enjoying thus far!

Other fandoms, passion, some RL & whatnots:

  • ig-oct-2I’m sporting a new design. I’m trying to make an adult impression, hopefully that’s working (hiding the fact that my posts sound so ludicrous & childish). I also designed Chri’s (of Aerou) new theme. I’m so productive, right?
  • The 17th was my birthday! (btw I’m older than 22) I dined out with my family. It is always a simple celebration. Also, I’m quite surprised that mom did greet me on the right day! I love you, Mom! LOL
  • Autumn anime line-up started, all my favorites are now airing: Haikyuu, Noragami, One Punch Man, Owari no Seraph. So happy!!! *otaku mode on* (you can read my first impression if you want). ;D

And that’s it, *pancit, now I turn over to you beautiful people; how’s October?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!

* I think only Filipino peeps will get this one. ;D


8 Responses to Just keep dancing like we’re 22, ooh-ooh~

  1. Chri says:

    Uwah, happy late birthday Mitchii! I hope your day was a great one <3

    I don't think your posts sound childish at all, but I do love your new theme *O* I love how clean and deceptively simple everything looks, and the splash of peach and green is perfect.

    HAIKYUU AND NORAGAMI. YUKINE. MY HEART. I've heard really good things about One Punch Man (the gifs on tumblr are hilarious) so I might give that a shot later, too. What's willpower, am I right?

  2. October is always such a good month! I love it because it finally starts to feel like fall. Happy belated birthday and blogoversary!

  3. Belated happy birthday and blogoversary again, Mitchii! <3 <3 No matter how many times you redesign your blog, I always end up falling in love with it more than the last! <3 And I totally get the changing tastes thing–sometimes the romance + angst thing still works for me, but most of the time it's just LACKING now. D:

  4. Michelle says:

    Oh I love Hana Kimi <3 I must reread it again soon haha

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