Last year I gave you some pretty cool otaku gift ideas! I was contemplating whether to give another round a try. But I decided to put a little bit of twist to it! So today I’ll be dishing out gift ideas—for those who love cute or kawaii(可愛い/かわいい) things like these!

As I said last year— extend the season of giving by gifting your awesome friends and loved ones some of these awesome, awesome gifts! (It’s still not too late to do those Christmas shopping!)

1. Osumashi Pooh-chan Shoulder Bag – nothing like cute bags to brighten up your girl pals faces! I’m very picky with bags myself, although I want cute, I don’t want it to look ‘childish.’ This is one has enough cuteness for even an adult like me!

2. Osumashi Pooh-chan Movable Cat Ear Pen – for those who love to write! I myself love to collect cute pens! And for the writer friends or simply just a stationary junkie, this one will surely seal the deal!

3. Catpusheeno Mug – for tea or coffee lover they need some perfect mug and I found the PUUURRRfect one for it! This mug oozes with cuteness that even I desire to have one! Woot!

4. A5 GOALS JOURNAL – Time to list down those goals and resolutions for this year! So what better way to start the upcoming year by gifting some journals! Kikki has plethora of cute stuff but their journals are the cutest so maybe you’ll love to consider giving it to your schedule-lover friends or family member!

5. Mob Psycho Pencil Case – Love Mob Psycho 100? Me too, so I think this pencil case will surely be loved by your otaku friend. Now your new Osumashi Pooh-chan Movable Cat Ear Pen has safe place to tuck in! Ha!

6. Neko Atsume Huge Face-Shaped Plushies – plushies! Cute plushies are always safe bet for your favorite l friend! And if this person happens to also love playing that cat collecting game called neko atsume then you can bet your sweet cupcakes they’ll love this!

7. Sticker Book – I think we can all agree that journals need stickers! And I scoured the internet for the perfect one! Have some cutie stickers to jazz up those journals!

8. Wink Pins! – accessorize those jackets with pins! I think it goes well with bags as well! Glittered ‘em up with these adorable, highly stylish pins!!! <3

PS: I’m not affiliated with these stores! I wasn’t paid or anything to endorse them! I just found them on my own and thought they are great gift ideas! Please follow stores’ TOS to be safe! Images are © of their respective owners!