As I get reacquainted with my old fandom, I’ve realized that I always never said goodbye to them. I might take a long break but to seal the lid permanently is not something I do when I feel that I wasn’t completely over it. And I’m sentimental person, letting go is difficult. I don’t know maybe at the back of my mind I already knew that whatever I’m feeling right now is just temporary and closing doors isn’t the right thing to do. A break, I only say I’m taking a breaking. Never telling it’s over…until I know it really is.

Thinking about it it’s quite a feat that being in these fandoms for some decade and others more than that (yes, I’m old! And it’s rude to ask a woman her age, so shush!!!), as I was saying, it feels great. It means I can keep up with things I liked with the knowledge I might keep it for years to come. I’m not one who jumps into new bandwagon and easily ditch it once I’m not into it anymore. Like I said before, I’m not into trends, I care less about it and often think of myself (oh, maybe I’m selfish by nature, too LMAO). Usually, I think it over and over before I do it. I want to invest on something I know I’ll be doing in the long haul. And I know it’ll stay for a while if I fully dedicate myself into it. I don’t like wasted effort. I’m lazy so if I’m going to spend my energy onto something, I want that I’m in it because I love it and not because I just love it now.

the mind approved this idea!

the mind & the person approved this idea!

I’m not sure how I know that I love something but I know when my mind fiercely sets onto it (and let me tell you, my mind has uncanny ability of hatching unnecessary and silly ideas). I thought at first my book blog was just silly idea for me. But I didn’t know it’ll grow like this. I’m quite satisfied with my accomplishment. I’m successful in my own way. To be popular is not my goal and never will be. I just want to share, silently at first but I gained beloved readers and eventually bookish friends. So really, it’s a winner and I’m thankful I pushed through this idea. Maybe because I have a feeling it’s for a long run? LOL

Haha, I sounded so emo. Nope, not going anywhere and I’m planning to review tomorrow (got you!). I just realized that devoting on things like a blog should be something you need to think over and over again. Hey, I’m not saying it should be for a lifetime (like hell I will know that) but is it nice to know it has years under its belt? Yes, yes? And I know that sometimes things get in the way. Optimism might run dry but if you’re fully into it then it’s an investment worth taking.

How about you, do you think that your hobbies and interest such as your book blog is something you’ll do in a while (and by a while I mean years?) How was the decision for you? Like to share it with me! :YAY:


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  1. I think not caring about trends is great! It makes you even more unique than you are and shows that you don’t need to “go with the flow,” so I always admire people who don’t worry about what’s popular and what’s not. 😀

    Me, I’m not sure where my blog will be the next year, or the year after that. I don’t have everything planned out, and I’m okay with that because sometimes planning kinda makes me feel overwhelmed and might lessen the enthusiasm I might feel for blogging (and most of the time I don’t follow the schedules I create, anyway). Right now, though, I’m loving it. I’ve loved it for the past two years, so I guess it won’t be surprising if I’m still around for another two more years, heh. But I’m with you: even though I’m definitely not the most popular blog around, I’m just glad for all my readers and friends. They’ve provided me a place in a community where I ACTUALLY fit in. I’m kind of emo and that bookworm weirdo in real life, lol.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I do care about what’s in the trend but I select things that I know worth following. If the trend doesn’t fit the bill, I just don’t do it. 😛

      I don’t know about the direction of my blog as well but I know I love it enough to stick around for a while. 😀

  2. Like Meg, I think not caring about trends is excellent too!! 😀 Because then, you won’t be “part of the crowd”, and you’ll stand out as UNIQUELY MITCHII!! <3 I always think it's so awesome that you don't really get influenced by whether your blog has a large following or no, but you care more about this small little community who always love visiting again and again and again!! (ME!)

    I also really love how you set your sights on something, and you won't let it go, and it won't wear off for you! 🙂 Or if it does, it comes back doesn't it? ;D I tend to be very fickle about things (you'd probably know), but when it comes to blogging, that is one of the places where my heart is! :3

    And you sound so super happy writing this as well, Mitchii, so your happy happy has infected me too!! xD <33

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m the least trendy person/ I don’t know but the more trendy it is the more I find it unappealing? ahaha, my mind seems to work differently from the normal.

      When I love things, I love it fiercely and don’t jump into hobbies I know it’s just temporary, at least most of the time.

      I am happy!! *scatters the happy feels everywhere*

  3. Caring about trends is silly, and yay for you not doing that 😀 I don’t do it, either, haha. if I like something it’s because I genuinely and truly like it.

    To be honest, my decision to create my blog was very spur of the moment and I hadn’t thought ANYTHING through except that I love books and I wanted somewhere better than Tumblr to share my thoughts. I didn’t think into the future, I had no idea what the community was like – I just made my blog on some random day, haha.

    But that didn’t matter to me. I soon discovered that I loved this blogging thing, and that I could see myself doing it for a few years to come. For example, when I bought my domain, I bought it for two years. I know I will still be here in two years, because I absolutely love spending my time writing posts, and reading posts, and commenting on posts, and meeting wonderful bookish people ;D

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Popularity isn’t appealing to me, not that I want to be invisible. I want to keep with the people who genuinely like me.

      That’s great! I wish I can be that impulsive when it comes to hobby. While I read on the whim, I rarely start a hobby out of the blue. I always think it a dozen times before I make my decision.

      Those things motivated me as well, particularly the bookish people I met, including you. xD

  4. Shannelle C. says:

    It’s harder to force myself to not want to be popular when I want it too, in some way. It’s such a gauge for success, but I always try to remember you when I end up in a slump.

    I hate seeing people jumping on a bandwagon just to milk it for all it’s worth. You know that Alex London’s coming? I think it was announced during Jenny Han’s signing, and the day after that, there was some account made calling themselves the official street team for the author. And I just wanted who made you official? You guys just created yourself for the signing, obviously. Like, let me hit you.

    But that could kind of be me, but I do know I’m going to ride this out for up to how long I can take it. It’s fun in it’s own way, and being part of the bookish community is the best.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Well, if that’s your goal and if it’s makes you happy, why not? I think it really depends on you and what you really want. But I never want to be popular, the thought of many people know feels uncomfortable. I like my status right now. 😀

      I didn’t know…her book, hence not really interested? You know these events exhaust me even just by thinking. During the last event, I overheard a group and some of them haven’t even read Shatter Me. I was surprised and it’s not that’s it’s wrong but I was astonished by the sheer fact that they were about to spend hours waiting for something that they weren’t sure if they will like. But then again it’s their time. I’m not that person, I’m not going just because. I’m motivated differently. 😛

      It’s fun and that’s one of the reason why I like to keep around. 😀

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  6. I’m still rather young and when I think about my future, my blog is always apart of it. The better thing to do is probably not let my blog affect my decisions but it’s just really hard not to. For me, I definitely see myself blogging for many years to come! I wouldn’t be able to let it go. 😀

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