As I get reacquainted with my old fandom, I’ve realized that I always never said goodbye to them. I might take a long break but to seal the lid permanently is not something I do when I feel that I wasn’t completely over it. And I’m sentimental person, letting go is difficult. I don’t know maybe at the back of my mind I already knew that whatever I’m feeling right now is just temporary and closing doors isn’t the right thing to do. A break, I only say I’m taking a breaking. Never telling it’s over…until I know it really is.

Thinking about it it’s quite a feat that being in these fandoms for some decade and others more than that (yes, I’m old! And it’s rude to ask a woman her age, so shush!!!), as I was saying, it feels great. It means I can keep up with things I liked with the knowledge I might keep it for years to come. I’m not one who jumps into new bandwagon and easily ditch it once I’m not into it anymore. Like I said before, I’m not into trends, I care less about it and often think of myself (oh, maybe I’m selfish by nature, too LMAO). Usually, I think it over and over before I do it. I want to invest on something I know I’ll be doing in the long haul. And I know it’ll stay for a while if I fully dedicate myself into it. I don’t like wasted effort. I’m lazy so if I’m going to spend my energy onto something, I want that I’m in it because I love it and not because I just love it now.

the mind approved this idea!

the mind & the person approved this idea!

I’m not sure how I know that I love something but I know when my mind fiercely sets onto it (and let me tell you, my mind has uncanny ability of hatching unnecessary and silly ideas). I thought at first my book blog was just silly idea for me. But I didn’t know it’ll grow like this. I’m quite satisfied with my accomplishment. I’m successful in my own way. To be popular is not my goal and never will be. I just want to share, silently at first but I gained beloved readers and eventually bookish friends. So really, it’s a winner and I’m thankful I pushed through this idea. Maybe because I have a feeling it’s for a long run? LOL

Haha, I sounded so emo. Nope, not going anywhere and I’m planning to review tomorrow (got you!). I just realized that devoting on things like a blog should be something you need to think over and over again. Hey, I’m not saying it should be for a lifetime (like hell I will know that) but is it nice to know it has years under its belt? Yes, yes? And I know that sometimes things get in the way. Optimism might run dry but if you’re fully into it then it’s an investment worth taking.

How about you, do you think that your hobbies and interest such as your book blog is something you’ll do in a while (and by a while I mean years?) How was the decision for you? Like to share it with me! :YAY: