I love strong female characters. I love how they stand strong physically, emotionally, and mentally in a society where most assume that they are weak and have no abilities to defend and to lead because of their (our) gender. It is a sight to behold when they prove their detractors wrong. It is why I often gravitate to characters who choose to fight amidst their circumstances. But being able to wield sword, shoot an arrow, or knock down enemies are not the only kind of strong. I think to remain compassionate and kind despite the situation is the type of strength we should also celebrate. It’s time to stop thinking that being nice is sign of weakness because it takes a strong heart and mind to have complete faith in others.

Nothing describe strong better when they choose kindness instead.

This post was brought you by my replay of Mystic Messenger (수상한메신저). The MC (player) there was compassionate and strong (well, if you’re gunning for the good/normal ending then yes). She always encouraged everyone and helped them to see light in the difficulties of their current situation. While playing her, I also can’t believe how level headed she was, how she always believed in the goodness of people. No wonder everyone was attracted to her and her kindness (she was promoted as an archangel by 707 lol). In manga-verse, I happened to fall in love with strong women and their equally strong hearts. Who didn’t know Tohru Honda of the famous Fruits Basket ()? Are you all excited for the anime reboot? I sure am super duper excited! And Tohru will always remain to be my favorite character of all time. She literally changed the Sohma clan because she continued to show sincerity to people around her. And she always shown gratitude to everything that was given to her. She broke the curse of the Sohma family and loved the person who bore the heaviest curse among them. I loved how her strength portrayed in the manga. No, she wasn’t perfect she also felt bad, she was human too, but she stood up after all the things that had happened to her and that took courage. It took great strength! And that is why I will always adore Tohru. She is one of the most memorable shoujo manga heroines, no, fictional characters I had the pleasure of reading and watching (and now, watch again! So many years in the making!)

Kindness is the best kind of beautiful.

Also another one of my favorite shoujo manga heroine is Chiharu from Love So Life () and Life So Happy ().

Like Tohru she showed her strength through love and care. Both were also orphans and brought up by their mothers with utmost care, instilling values that they carried and shared with others. Chiharu showed so much love for the kids she was taking care of. And as a babysitter, she didn’t just do the job but she genuinely happy and thought of the twins as her own family. So no surprise there that Matsunaga-san got smitten. But seriously, the nice and happy familial atmosphere just gave me all the happy feels. This is the reason why I love slice of life series. They radiates positive feelings, and with how our world has gotten, I welcome these good vibes with open arms. I love that these series showcased that human compassion and possessing a good heart is so, so beautiful.

Is it naive to remain kind as much as possible? I say not!

So I think we should reconsider calling a kind person weak. A person who chooses to offer kindness. It is the kind of positive attitude I think we need as a reminder that we are all capable of compassion. I know some people will think that being kind to one another is such a naive cute concept, a delusion even, especially how our world is turning out (it’s a dog eat dog kind of system they say). But I want to believe in kindness. If we can be little bit selfless I think it’s one step towards understanding. And that’s what these strong young ladies had taught me.