Title: Last Sacrifice
Author: Richelle Mead
Series: (Vampire Academy #6)
Pages: 594

I did mention that I detest book series with good start and bad ending. Well, Vampire Academy is a terrific example of that. Although it wasn’t exactly a solid start for me. But I came to like book two and three, then book four came and it gradually became a frustrating thing to read. I didn’t force myself to finish it, thank goodness, but can’t help frowning, and cringing every now and then. Yeah, a lot of things annoyed the crap out of me. So the final book, I only got one word – disappointment. Really, it was.

Rose was accused of murdering Queen Tatiana. And as Abe (her father) said, people who were accused of murder, no less a royal moroi, were executed. So people close to her, Lissa and the others made a plan of busting her out of prison. They did, but the guardians are on follow. Sydney, the alchemist she met in Russia is assisting her escape due to her father’s request (more likely blackmailing her). Dimitri is also with her, they’re going to hide her temporarily until they found the true murderer. But Rose doesn’t want to stay still and do nothing. With the note left by Tatiana, she decided to find Lissa’s half sibling. They decided to find Sonya Karp, a person who might know about it, but she turned strigoi. And in order for them to get the information they need, they decided to take the help of Victor and his borther, Robert. Robert, just like Lissa did to Dimitri, restore Sonya. Now that she’s a moroi again, she decided to help them. It turned out that Jill was Lissa’s half sister. But before they get her to the academy, Victor took her and planned to use her to gain power. But Rose and the others caught them, and the spirits within Rose end up killing Victor. Moving on, the motivation of killing the former queen is starting to get clearer. And Rose is getting all the evidences to clean her name, and also to help Lissa who is now nominated to be the new queen.

One thing I like about this book it doesn’t require you to truly focus on it. Sometimes I see myself skipping some pages (ok, more of staring at the words then move on). Overall, I still understood the story. No, I’m not judging the writing, that it wasn’t complicated enough for me. I mean, who am I kidding, the easier the better! Seriously, I like it, but there are events in the books that I don’t need to dwell too much. Example? Rose’s monologues (not all anyway but..).. I get it, let’s move on. Or the endless friction between her and Dimitri. Oh my gawd, that’s the icing of the cake. I hope that Rose just dumped Adrian before they escape. Saving the guy from massive heart break, and shattering his already shattered ego. Come on, sleeping with another guy while you’re IN a relationship. That’s bad in every angle, no matter how freaking in love you are in that person. Nothing can justify that, kissing is bad already, sleeping with him that is worst thing ever. Have some decency to clean up before you jump in to another… dirt? Did I just compare Dimitri and Rose’s relationship to dirt? I’m just frustrated, is all. Sorry for getting too personal. I like them mind you (well at first), but I don’t know I just don’t like the other guy being treated like garbage, when he is actually a decent guy. I was even contemplating whether Ms. Mead hates him because he didn’t have any resolution (character per se). In life, as a spirit user, most especially in his love life (yeah, there’s a spin-off and probably he’s there too. But this is the final book of the series, at least I need some conclusion, not the “final” something like a closure, or something close to that). I want to give this guy a hug. Just to take all the hurt away (I will if I could).

Minus my annoyance to the conclusion of Rose’s love life. The story is ok. Although it’s a bit cliché for me. They won against all odds; her friend is now a queen. She finally get the man she likes, and they can have all the sex they want (Rose’s words not mine). As far as the excitement as final book is concern, it didn’t deliver. It was a clean wrapped up, clean in a way it was boring. So yeah… that’s why I gave it 2.5.