Title: Legend
Author: Marie Lu
Series: (Legend #1)
Published: November 29th 2011 by Putnam Juvenile

Hmm, where should I start? There’s a lot inside my head right now—trying to escape. Begging to be written. And for the sake of full disclosure, this one (this review) will be full of nonsensical fangirling and random nit-pickiness (as all my reviews are). Yep, that covers just about everything.

Ok, let’s get this thing done.

Finally. Finaaallly!!! A YA dystopian book that I can happily add to my superb list. List that includes titles such as Hunger Games. It was really good; the writing, the story, the characters. All gooood! I was floored. And no, people this isn’t patterned to Hunger Games (senseless violent and whatnots) like all books with the same theme are trying to be. Among all the dystopian books I read so far, Legend had the most ingenuity. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Matched, and even Wither but not because they’re dystopian. But because I enjoyed the romance part of the book. There, I now shamefully admit it. Now that thing is out in the open, I can firmly say that I liked everything about it. Because it promises an exhilarating dystopian ride. And Legend? It delivers.

Now, you probably are wondering why only four stars? That one is really my fault. My expectations were too high I might have created Legend of my own. Nope, not kidding here. So you see I was tad disappointed that it wasn’t everything I thought it’d be. Plus, there’s an early hype surrounding this book. It was optioned for a movie way before it was even released. That says a lot about its potential to garner such publicity. So in a way, readers like me cannot be blamed if we set the bar a bit too high. The hype is too much for not be considered.

Even with my expectations set on a high pedestal, it was still a great read. Like 8 out of 10 hit the enjoyment mark. Just a few misses. So all in all it was amazing time for me.

Ok, I’m bit sidetracked. Let me give you a vague idea what did not work for me (hence the four stars). Insufficient information—I’ve been complaining this every time; (you guys probably are sick of it) especially on series. But you know just because it has sequels doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. Some things need to be answered. But because I am patient reader so I’ll wait.

I also find the first few pages so-so. But once I gained the momentum (actually once I’m on the second half of the book) I was pulled in. I kept turning page, after page. I was really curious, especially I found out Day’s history. It was bit predictable though, I was chanting the whole time in my head ‘I knew it! I knew it!’ I wanted to say what it was but I’m afraid of spoiling you so I’ll keep mum about it.

I love the play of contrast here. Like their society; there are rich district and the slums. Hell, June and Day are walking opposite. June is a prodigy living the wealthiest district, while Day is the country’s most wanted criminal, born in the slums. My only problem was I predicted their character in extremes. June was really, really smart in my head. Whereas Day is a sinister—like diabolically smart. I was waiting for the cat and dog, genius vs. genius, the good versus evil sort of actions. Rivalry at its finest! Those sorts. But that didn’t happen. At least what I have in mind didn’t happen. See, the downsides of my high expectations *sighs*. But still, the actual events were still applaud-worthy. A less action than what I anticipated but still all awesome.

To wrap up, it’s a must read. As the summary says—“Full of nonstop action, suspense, and romance, this novel is sure to move readers as much as it thrills.” I think they’re right about that. 😉