I have so many shoujo manga that I’ve been catching up lately (sans I already following before and finally caught up). Did also some refresher via rereading and now I’m in the mood for more action. Man, Naruto did a number on me. A miraculously, weird feeling was surging in on me when I was watching the latest episode anime: I felt happy (?) for the team 7’s revival. You know team 7 during the first Naruto series? You guys know who originally composed this little group: Yes, there’s Naruto and Sakura…and then there was the bane of my existence for many years—Sasuke Uchiha. What the hell is this strange, unidentified happy feels? I’m so confused.

But let me backpedaled because that wasn’t the highlight of the episode. Of course the 4 former Hokages finally arrived at the battle scene. And of course, when I’m talking about the Hokages, special mention is always necessary when it comes to my favorite character from the Naruto-verse, Yondaime. He’s so cool (which also led me to rewatching his fight with Tobi). I’m so happy how Naruto so nonchalant with the “you’re just in time.” conversation with his father (I remembered how people speculated before about their relationship…at least it didn’t come out of nowhere). But that’s not the only one, I think I might have snickered when the Shidaime dismissed him and Madara’s playtime with focusing first with the ten tails that has been pretty much wrecking the surrounding. But how the four of them pulled that jutsu, I think my eyes have been twinkling with everything that awesome in the moves. I read the manga but animation is just so different.

Then of course, let me go back to the reason why I’m posting this so, um, Sasuke…yeah, it wasn’t all that bad. Him declaring he’s gonna be the Hokage despite the things he did in the past (and they weren’t the least pleasant…none of them). And the rest of the guys telling him how ridcioulus it was and they weren’t a bit convinced. Then Naruto, predictable as it was, didn’t mind it and just declared that he’s the one who’s gonna be the Hokage (it was his dream for longest time, Kishi give it to kid, ok?). But that reunion was sort felt odd. One, I didn’t hate the idea of Sasuke joining the battle (although I already knew, as I am reading the manga) and two, Sakura being there was…off? I have never liked Sakura to being with. I don’t hate her; I just don’t have any regards towards her. Maybe my utmost hate towards Sasuke lessened and my indifference to Sakura seems like not completely zero at all.

Anyway, I’m excited to see them do the summoning justsu that looks like sannin generation number 2.