When I check personal blogs and came across their list of things they want to achieve in life (sometimes with age limitation, what the!? You’re amazingly amazing!!!) I ponder the reason why I’m so reluctant to do it! Maybe because I’m always see myself spontaneous or take things slowly (once at a time) that I don’t ever come up with my own life’s bucket list! Sure I do have one…maybe? But it’s not as extensive or formal from what I’ve seen from others—like in a passing I wish I can do it once in my life and if I’ve done it then that’s it. But to make a concrete list of things to do! I’m not really that compelled to do it!

Maybe specific bucket list; like for instance, I have a bucket list of things I want to do once I travel to Japan!  I’ve mentioned this to my sister and I’m pretty she’ll join me with the stuff I plan to do once we get there! I also make small scale plans and tick off things that I’ve done…some maybe not but I didn’t feel huge regrets over it. But in my life? My one and only life? That’s freaking huge! So maybe for some they do it in a jest but laying out things you want to achieve in life it feels too much for me… hence my reluctance to even try doing my own life’s bucket list.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
— Anatole France

But I don’t mean it a negative way, in fact I admire them that they want to do stuff they want to do and pursuing their bestest to achieve it! For debbie downer, cautious, anxiety laced person like myself that’s too big of a mission and that’s why I tend to micro-task stuff than create a plan for the entirety of my existence.

I find it neat though and when I see them crossed out the stuff they’ve done, I feel the silent encouragement. What I failed to notice is that some of these things in their list aren’t wild or out of this world—yes, and of course it will take a lot effort and planning (like travel to some specific place) but very doable. And those things make me smile, like yeah how great these people are, trying their best to achieve their goals! It’s encouraging to see. While I’m still on the fence and probably will not create one for myself (at least not a life bucket list—small scale, yes!) but I see why people create them! It’s not the time limit or whether it’s hard or not—it’s more on doing the things they love! Yeah, #YOLO!