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Author: Anne Greenwood Brown Series: (Lies Beneath #1) Published: June...

Author: Anne Greenwood Brown
Series: (Lies Beneath #1)
Published: June 12th 2012
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal

What a bummer.

Yep, that pretty sums up my emotions right now. I think it’s safe to say that I don’t have that much luck when it comes to mermaid books. I always end up disappointed every time I try reading one. Maybe it’s just me, the half human half fish is not really appealing to me unlike other paranormal creatures catered for pnr junkies (like myself).

I read from early reviews that this one is told from the guy’s point of view and I love those kinds of books.  But what sealed the deal for me was mermaids here are deadly. Yes, they’re lethal, they prey on humans. It was different. Original, even (though I have only read four mermaid books, including this one. Not really a wide range of history). No more singing crabs, dancing flounders and stolen voice. These guys mean business, and the story entails a dark story. A story of revenge.

Calder and his sisters want Jason Hancock. They want revenge. They want him dead. Now is that intriguing or what? I thought so too, but as I progress it kind of lose the strong, twisted emotion when the story begun. To get close to Jason, he sets his eyes on his daughter Lily but it backfired because he fell for her. I sort of liked Lily when she was first mentioned, she has this very peculiar, bright personality. Types who wear what they want and to hell who cares and I kinda like that spunky attitude. There were plenty of times where she caught Calder off guard. This girl has spine and when Calder finally confessed what their plans to her father, she chose her father—her family. He even asked him to leave her family alone, and I applauded for the girl got it. See, not everyone oblivious to love, this girl know her priorities.

Honestly, a small part of my brain insistently tells me that I would have enjoy it better (or just plainly enjoy it since I really didn’t that much) if it was told from her point (or maybe dual pov’s). And that’s rare—if not bizarre, because I always preferred boy’s pov. Calder wasn’t effective narrator for me. I’m not really that pleased. Even the poetry did not save him from my utter dismay.

But the fun part was the mermaid lore here. It’s vastly different from the others I’ve read. Apart from that this creature is more of the entice-you-then-suck-the-life-out-of-you type. It has very unique concept of how the merpeople (is this the right word?) multiply. Or how they came to be. In fact, Calder was not originally born a merman. And oh boy, did that surprise me, that was really unexpected. It was truly fascinating.

I can see why some were smitten with the book. It was refreshing, twisted mermaid tale. Romance was ok. Calder was bearable, and his love interest was fine. Yep, a lot of good points but I wasn’t compelled enough to like it, unfortunately. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be its fan.  🙁

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