News / the yearly throwback of my memorable moments of 2019! What’s yours?

Woo! *wipes sweat* We’re now at 365 out of 365 of 2019, and few hours before the year completely ends.  Not only we’re entering the new year but also a brand new decade! To me, 2020 sounds kinda…intimidating! 💦 Obviously, my mindset was in a different place when I welcomed 2010—which was btw very eventful! Nostalgic of my young naive days, she was hopeful but a bundle of nerves. But the me now is different. Now, I think I’m a little bit wiser. 😇 I want to sort things out for my future. And there are still so many things that I need to do and I want to work on that (or continue for the ones I started). Yes, I’m hopeful like my 10 years younger self, but hope alone won’t cut it! I also need some action and most of all, faith—biggest learning of the decade! And with everything that has happened this year and the last decade, I’m really, really grateful. 🙏

Let me briefly describe 2019 first: I think 2019 tested me emotionally. There were many times I broke down. Like ugly crying, sobbing hard kind of theatrics! I was upset with things that was happening. How much I was affected over decisions that I didn’t even participate. 😥 And then there was also I time I questioned my skills, if I’m even qualified to be in this career. But these trials made me strong. 💪 Sometimes, things still easily get me upset but I’m trying my best. I am finding ways! I pray that 2020 will make me stronger and wiser…but more of that later! Let’s see how 2019 blogging, fangirl, IRL milestones wise!

Posts Highlights! Let’s fit some of my fave posts in a square!

How was the 2019 Blogging-wise? Here are some quick Highlights!

Didn’t blog that much…
  • I think my blogging went ok despite my posts has now reduced to two per month recently (or 3 if monthly wrap-up is included) + I was too busy + then just emotionally tired. Mood is very important with my blogging. ☺ The thing about blogging, for me, it was never a chore and I always want to associate it with fun. It also serves as my creative outlet. So I’ve decided to spare time when I have it. I’m glad despite the fluctuating numbers, I can still say that I adore this hobby. Even at almost ten years, I still think that me & blog has long way to go!
  • I also tried to make my own photos—which also factored in as to why my sched kinda messed up! I am finding my own style, one that fits my blog content and my aesthetics. One of my goals is to buy new tech! I’m not sure if I can afford to buy a new camera (so yeah shameless plugging—hire me!) but I want to jazz up some things here to commemorate my decade long blogging! I’m excited for the upcoming changes I’m planning to do!
  • There are also personal posts here and there. I no longer shun of speaking my mind about things that are I deemed before “too” personal. Although I speak of it vaguely or in general, I’m happy that this blog isn’t just a fandom outlet anymore, but I have found a safe space to air my IRL thoughts.

Stuff, Tops and Everything Stats aka me drowning in fiction again!

I’m drowning in webtoon feels!
  • I made some fancy posts about reading stats! As I said there, my reading year in one word is: WEBTOONS! This is different from previous years where I read a lot of manga or re-read some favorites! I didn’t get to re-read a lot (I can count on my hands how many I did) and for some reasons my interest in manga (particularly shoujo manga) has dwindle a bit. It’s not to say that I’m abandoning manga the same way I did with books! I still read manga but there are so few to choose from. And I’m kind of person to indulge! And my personal indulgement right now is webtoons and this is the result!
  • Have you seen your Spotify Decade Wrap-up? So my most streamed artist is Asian Kung-Fu Generation! Well, what can I say I love their albums! I get to listen to them anytime via Spotify! Of course, Taylor Swift is still my queen! You bet every time she releases an album, I’ll be on the corner, waiting excitedly! I’m so happy that one of my 2010s milestones was seeing Taylor perform live!! One for the books.
  • So I’ve posted a total of 48 posts for the entire year (+1 including this post). Not shabby, considering my situation this year, where I was at my most emotional phase yet! 😏 Well, I hope that I’ll be more productive and motivated as I welcome the new decade! New Year, new blogging prowess!
  • I watched so many anime this year! I might have not re-read but oh boy did I re-watched like madz! YuYu Hakusho, Fushigi Yuugi, Hunter x Hunter (1999) + Chimera arc (2011), Akatsuki no Yona among others. Then I also watch off season anime like WotaKoi, Run with the Wind, Gakuen Babysitters, Arslan Senki (1 & 2). Of course my season anime like Mob Psycho 100 II, Promised Neverland, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fruits Basket 2019, Dr. Stone, Fire Force, and My Hero Academia. Gosh, I look forward for anime this 2020!

IRL: Some glimpse to my emotional roller-coaster 2019! Here are some Personal Tidbits!

  • Gosh, what can I say about the year? Emotionally draining! Not fun times for my mental health. I can’t exactly remember how many times I cried but it was a lot! I was so mad and super upset about how I was badly affected by a decision I didn’t even made. I wasn’t consulted. I wasn’t asked for my input but it wore me down—physically (got fever three months in a row??), emotionally, and financially (the frugal days became more tighter!) Now, I have accepted my situation. It is NOT by all means giving up, but making things work out with my limited resources as I continually salvage this annoying situation I am now forced to be in.
  • My sister and her son came home from Australia so I traveled a lot as my 2019 salvo. We went first to historical park called Las Casas Filipinas, where old houses from the Spanish colonial era where migrated and rebuilt in this huge land in Bataan. I enjoyed learning a piece of history along with my family. Then a week after, we flew to Taipei, Taiwan for our annual overseas vacation. It was all our first time in Taiwan. And although we were greeted by mishaps after mishaps upon our arrival, the trip went successfully after it!
  • Also I met my new nephew! Last April, my sister-in-law gave birth to bouncy baby boy! 👶 We were all excited to meet him! He is so cute, chubby, and just overall bubbly! I love him so much! I’m so excited for the many adventures we will have with this kiddo in tow!
  • Because of the new baby, we temporarily adopted my brother’s mini dachshund! 🐶 Even though we were reluctant to get a pet of our own because of our housing setup, we were happy to take her in! She’s a fun dog, though a little snobbish & very wary of strangers! But she cuddles with us on the sofa and our hearts just melt! It’s already giving me anxiety leaving her behind when we leave for our vacation next month! Pet parent worries intensifies!

Prayers, Wishlist, Resolutions, and some more for 2020! Let’s do this self!!

Letter to 2020, be good to me!
  • Yes, we are traveling next month! It was supposed to be in Japan but we run some visa problems. But we’re flying anyway. ✈ I won’t say where but I’m still excited! A lot of first is gonna happen and plus vacation with the fam is always fun!
  • I wish to finish my renovations and complete my workspace by next year. Because it’s one-person job that it’s taking me a bit of time. Of course money (being almost 90% the breadwinner of my family, their needs comes first than mine). Anyway, God will provide! And so any commission come my way, I’m all for it!
  • I started creating illustrations so I’ll probably make a side business out of it! I’m not 100% confident but I’m liking it so far! I am gonna polish my online portfolio so I’ll probably post it on my tumblr/portfolio site (good thing I keep my portfolio on tumblr). And I also thinking of my twitter (@thesepeaches) as my public account. Just news and RTs! I am still more active on @rainvogue as this is my main account. But I want a professional online presence. I also aim to polish my dev skills! I’ve been concentrating in designs, and I want to further my dev skills! Here’s to 2020 full of growth!

Dear God,

2019 was a blessing! I know that there were times that I was so angry and felt hopeless. I didn’t think of You, I was trying to solve it on my own. But God, You continued to show miracles when I least expected it; that God, You knew what was in my heart and did things to help me out. I am grateful Lord for the guidance and answered prayers. I pray that 2020 is a better year for me, for my family, my friends, for my career, health, finances. I also pray for all the people who are in need of Your guidance and help as we open another 366 days of our lives. Lord bless us this 2020. Amen.

(22) Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. (23) They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.
—Lamentations 3:22-23 | NIV

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