With lackluster fall anime line-up (don’t start hatin’ on me, that’s just my opinion), I was craving to watch something during late nights weekday (that I can watch one episode per night) aside from my regular late replay of travel program on lifestyle channel on cable (that’s now much I miss travel!) or cooking shows. I hit the internet for something to watch!

True Beauty has been in my watch-list for almost a year now! But I can’t watch it because my device isn’t supported by Viu, which is the official streamer of this k-drama here on SEA region! But I found a way to make it work! (I sideloaded TV bro and watched it on browser, I have remote mouse so it wasn’t a hassle to watch but come on, Viu make your app accessible!)

I always, always prefer to watch drama/anime legally! I’m all for supporting creators! *coughs* Anyway, I finished all 16 episodes. I enjoyed it, if I were to rate it maybe 3 to 3.5 out 5 stars! At first I was little disoriented with how the first few episodes went down. I didn’t want an exact replica of the webtoon but there were so much changes. So if you were hoping for a more direct and faithful live action adaptation (for me What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim was better) then this isn’t it! Nevertheless, it was pretty enjoyable and fun series! I also dropped the webtoon anyway after Ju Kyung and Seo Jun broke up so I didn’t mind it at all and watched it like a standalone drama.

Let’s be honest, she only has rosacea and maybe few pimples but gosh, she’s super pretty even! I wish I was as pretty as her tbqh! And if you didn’t know, Seo Jun was my fave character, at first wasn’t super giddy with the actor choice, but Hwang In-youp did good; was hoping for more Ju Kyung x Seo Jun moment but with limited episodes and so much material to cram, it was understandable how the relationship had progressed in the drama! While I didn’t like Soo Ho in the webtoon, I can’t stop admiring Cha Eun-woo’s beauty!