Blogger / is it something you do because you have time or do make time for it?

Do you love your blog? Do you love blogging? I think if these questions were asked to me I’ll heartily say yes because I do love this blog, and I do love blogging as a hobby.  But to measure it, it’s kinda hard to do! It’s something that comes naturally in my life now. It becomes an essential part of me…because it’s my outlet. It something that gives me joy!

How much do I love it? I think I love it enough to spend time in it. To invest time thinking about what I want to share. To conceptualize post ideas. Write those ideas. Then it dawned on me blogging regardless of how I always say that it’s somehow effortless but it’s actually not entirely true in some way. I spend time in it but it looks like it’s so easy because the time I spend doing it or things related to it are fun to me. The enjoyment somehow clouds the effort I put on. And there’s tons of effort that I invest in it. And because of that I think I really, really do love it.

Of course, I don’t think about my blog 24/7…but I do think of it frequently especially on the days I allot for writing my posts and or, searching or taking pics. I schedule them. I admitted how scheduling eases my blogging work because I now specified work details as opposed to being sporadic…which in retrospect gave me more work because the wider the gap from each of my recent posts the heavier the burden to create content. And burden lowers enjoyment—at least in my case! Also because blogging is heavily tied to my other hobby—my main hobby which is reading, it becomes synonymous and goes hand in hand.

How much I do love it? I love it! The quantity does not matter, but if I really do need to measure it I think the amount of work I give to it says a lot? Don’t you think? And if that quantifies it then I guess, I love it so much that the time—which as my late father said—is of the essence. It’s very valuable because I give something very essential, something very precious! Yep, in short I love it! To be able to stay in this hobby or any hobby for that matter, one should love what you do! And I really, really do!