Fiction / we as reader should do is to keep their works afloat! Support 'em!

I greatly appreciate authors and creators without them my favorite series won’t be here for me to read and enjoy! But I don’t really need to be rubbing elbow with them, I think because of my very reserved personality I’m pretty happy just reading their works and their occasional personal tidbits here and there. I do not need to know so many details about them. They have their personal lives to deal with but I’m happy, grateful even, that some authors take their time to interact with their readers!

I’m just happy that their creative minds produced the stories I so much enjoy! And that’s all fine and dandy with me!

Back when I was book reviewer I sometimes got messages from authors and that made me extremely pleased. But I didn’t write review to impress anyone just to clarify; it was my sincere way to express my thoughts on the books or stories I’ve read. No more than that! But it did make me smile to see that the authors were happy on how I perceived and enjoyed their works (it’s not just me! I love the feeling of being in love with stories I read). However in the point of view of the reader (me!!) it’s simple expression of appreciation—especially one that I highly enjoy— to write a review, but I don’t mind if the creators/authors don’t acknowledge what I’ve done.  I write it out of own volition and not something I should be credited for. I think it is such a huge deal already that I enjoyed what I they made!

I also have a fine line between me (the reader) and the author. They’re someone created something that I liked. I think I’m pretty okay with just kind of simple affiliation like that, as mentioned earlier I don’t need to be buddy buddy with them,  I’m just happy that their creative minds produced the stories I so much enjoy!  And that’s all fine and dandy with me!

I think the best way to appreciate them is through supporting their works. Other kind of support is given but that main thing Being able to weave and for manga authors (mangaka) who are constantly producing in constant basis are super hard work! The least we can do is not only to stan them but supporting their works!