Fiction / Popularity be damned! Enjoy what you want peepz!

I don’t try to hide this ever, actually, I’m very vocal about enjoying your stuff your way, that’s always been my forever motto when it comes to my entertainment, especially reading. The genre, demographics, or even the popularity don’t bother me one bit. It is always about my enjoyment. But I noticed this often from people’s talk, and it is discouraging that some feel superior about their tastes. Why some people look down on other choices because they tend to like simple stuff or assuming they’re just riding the bandwagon, regardless, their choice is always theirs.

It is popular for reason but its popularity doesn’t measure its quality.

I try not to sound preachy but here’s the thing: there is a reason why things get popular. Of course popularity is not always mean quality. And I always open to criticisms of things I enjoy. I will even admit the flaws myself but did I enjoy it? Sure did, in the end it served its purpose for me. Some people view reading as an escape, and to me that always been the case.  I want to drown in stories far from my reality. It doesn’t have to be too deep, it can just some light drama, or about friendship, and fluff romance, adventures in the wild, and everyday life blunders. It doesn’t have to be littered of symbolism or thought provoking but I do enjoy them every now and then. I’m open to consume anything, popularity be damned! And when I start a story I always hope for the best; that I will enjoy it. It is in the top of my list of why I enjoy what I do.

It should not be a contest of who have the better taste, let people enjoy what they want.

But some think of this as some kind of contest. I guess it’s really nature of human to feel superior by looking down on others. It is so unpleasant to read and hear boasting their choices in a way that demean others. As if the feeling of superiority make them better. It’s not actually and will never be. We can stan our favorites without pulling others down. It doesn’t make you intellectual by providing mean words hiding behind the pseudo-criticism. It wouldn’t make someone feel different and unique because of preferring what majority isn’t aware of, at worst keeping it to themselves. This gatekeeping culture is super toxic and have to stop.

It is very elitist to think of a person, stranger at that, in this way. We don’t know them personally. Apart from enjoyment, I pick my next reads sometimes with goal in mind. We have different reasons so who are we to nitpick each other’s choices? If it isn’t problematic or hurtful then let them enjoy as they please. The world is giving us enough pressure as it is, don’t let them feel bad for spending time on things they like just because you think it’s inferior to yours. But really, who dictates the better and the best? Especially when it is a personal choice anyway.

Gotta read what you want, gotta love what you do~ No need to size up each other’s entertainment choices.

People find comfort in their reading (or anything entertainment in general). So what if everyone loves it, doesn’t mean it’s not good. Like I said there’s something right in there that people love it. Un-mainstream aren’t mean better, in the same way mainstream is poor choice by default. Let people enjoy the things they want, nothing good will come out of looking down on others. I’m not affected in any way of people opinions on what I choose to spend my time with but I find it unnecessary to criticize someone’s choice to feel good about themselves. It will not enrich the industry, it is just self-serving. So yeah, popularity be damned! Enjoy what you want peepz!