News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this March!

And there you have it, first quarter of 2019 is done! And now we’re officially facing the second quarter of the year tomorrow. Getting anxious now? Me, well…surprisingly not yet (good news, yes??) but I’m excited for April because holidays! Yes, I’ve been waiting! Although I plan to use my time to do most of my pending tasks I keep putting on the back because bussyy~ but I am committed to do all my to-do list (resolutions/goals of 2019 sorry for waiting huhuhu) *pushes sleeves* My monthly tune courtesy of Michelle Branch’s I’m Feeling You.

Anyways, March was pretty good month for me. Not as chill as February but good flex all in all. I’ve done a lot of catching up and doing things and I think I did good for most parts. But like I said I plan to catch up more during the holidays. I really want to continue my workspace makeover too! Also, I’m saving money to buy new laptop…both my desktop & laptop are lagging big time (it keeps freezing in the middle of the work, now it’s taking me longer than it should be). So…!! I gotta!! I want a new one, haha I’ve made so much spending this month, adult responsibility y’know~

Blogging in March: Readying for some changes (not design, no,) and almost perfected my schedule with one tiny hiccup!

I almost forgot to publish my last scheduled post It is why it so close to this recap. But I didn’t want to push it next month when I already have schedule made. Also, there gonna be some changes around here (no, not the theme I’m not inspired to create new design besides I am still in love with this one) I will drop the news later. But it needs some time to do it, so I rather do it when I am fully free (these days I just snuck in to do some task in between others).

Reading in March: And the webtoon fever continues, I fell in love with sword wielding princess posed as prince yet again!

Like last month, the webtoon fever continue to slay! I’m still in the mood for more webtoons, I kinda forgot the rest of my shoujo manga TBR ‘coz I’m not in the mood for some high school drama, and perhaps I crave for more mature characters since most webtoons series feature young adult or university life. And there’s more variety, I guess? Probs the reason why I feel like I’m in the mood for it recently, plus most of them are free (like legally free, and the paid ones open up when you wait so that good for my pocket~ )

Still obsessing on webtoons!
  1. Cat and Dog (케덴독) – (finished) I’ve tried this before but I’ve never got around to finish it. So when saw it on Tory Comics I indulged myself. It wasn’t the best and little disconnected narrative wise. It tend to swing back to humor and emo drama but didn’t effectively translate that kinda emotional see-saw. But it wasn’t that bad, ‘coz look, I finished it.
  2. Handmade Ent (가내수공업 Ent.) – (ongoing) another webtoon with the same premise as Imitation (revolves around idols and the entertainment business) but this one has reverse harem trope, like there are five boys! But nothing sparks yet and I keeping volleying between series I’m currently reading because sometimes it is kinda snoozefest, hopefully it pick up soon.
  3. Imitation (이미테이션) – (Finished) I was so giddy when I saw Mangatoon (one of my webtoon apps on my phone, I have 6 btw) bulk update it so I marathoned the check out of it. I did read it in Korean before but my comprehension level is 99.9% non-existent so I was so happy to have finished it & totally enjoyed it!!
  4. Light and Shadow (빛과 그림자) – (ongoing) hands down my favorite this month. The start of the story was kinda prolematic but I didn’t mind it. And as the story progressed and secrets unraveled it got better and better that I couldn’t stop reading it. I caught up to the latest in no time. Yep, that good. It has all the tropes I love: gender bender, historical fiction, sword wielding herione, royalties, and so many, many more. Just love!
  5. My Ex, Client (주님과 나) – (finished) when author-him said that they rushed the story, it did feel like it. The start was pretty interesting, I’m all for second chance in love kind of story but it got resolved pretty quick when I was prepared for long af angst. But there was like so little of it. And was also interested with secondary couple but with the main couple lacked solid development because of time, I was shooting for so much if I asked for more.
  6. The Roomate Agreement (아람이랑 삽니다!) – (ongoing) hilarious!! I originally wanted to read it last month but I got overwhelmed with all the series I was reading then. But I’m glad I remembered it and here I am enjoying it to the max. I love the interior design premise and yes, the university vibes.

Life in March: Just another episode of Mitchii losing her cool then lashing out on unsuspected family member. I’m sorry, fellas!

res 2019
Struggle is real as it gets
  • I think I did a lot of adulting this month, and got overwhelmed by it that I regretfully lashed out on somebody. Ah, the pressure just got into me sadly. But I get guilty pretty quickly so I try not to dwell on it so I sort it out and move on. But hopefully things get better this April!
  • I upgraded my internet plan yet again and got myself some streamwatch (roku) so Netflix here we go?? I have yet to set it up coz I’m waiting for my Netflix credits from my ISP. I’m gonna watch all the movies I’m eyeing (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) and anime!! Will I finally get to finish Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood?? Time will tell.
  • And got me self some new stickers and some journaling stuff but unfortunately I’m little behind. Although I promised not to press myself anymore on not doing it often but the measly improvement is not making me happy. I really need to step up my game.
  • Also, another resolution forgotten: I want to exercise and I did well for the first two weeks but then I slacked, gotten lazy big time, eventually forgotten about it again. Seriously, I want a semblance of an active lifestyle. I gotta do it! ‘Cos health is wealth!!

Looking forward to April: I will never be ready to the summer heat ever! Short summer holidays awaits for me!

summer 2019
It’s the season of frozen drinks!
  • I’m not too keen on summer gracing us, because ugh, heat is terrible in this side of the world (tropics are humid & hot imagine thrice level when summer occurs–although it is accurately called “dry season” since we don’t have four season like the North/South hemisphere). The summer here is disgustingly humid and hot + we don’t have AC at home so it was agonizing enduring this weather! Hopefully it isn’t as hot as last summer was (look like it isn’t *finger crossed* while it is hot, afternoons are bearable because it gets windy. So yeah, weather be kind to us!
  • I’m gonna meet my newest nephew soonish! My sister-in-law is due next month, so I’m happy & excited to meet my nephew. You know babies are always good news (when you’re ready for it, of course!) So yeah, it’s great news, praying for safe delivery!
  • Spring anime!! Ah, so many anime this spring. I was hooked with Mob Psycho 100 & Promised Neverland this winter! I can’t get enough, I watched episodes twice Haha! But spring is bringing Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kono Oto Tomare, Fruits Basket & Bungou Stray Dogs. So excited!!
  • And again yes, holidays (I know I said that already but see how excited I am whenever I remember). But lenten season is not only about rest but more importantly reflecting about our salvation brought by the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. Time for some peace and reconnecting to our spiritual life as well.
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness — Galatians 5:22 | NIV