News / In which Mitchii gives a quick low down of what has rolled down this March!

I don’t like how fast the days go by! I really don’t! Summer is quickly approaching (thankfully it isn’t unbearably hot like last year but afternoons get warmer) and well, it’s April and I’m still way behind my yearly goal (which kinda personal so I’m keeping it to myself~). I have procrastinated heavily this month! But I guess I did some productive things here and there. Like I cleaned up my blogs pages and formatted them neatly (remove some things that reflects my old bookish phase). You know post formats trumps over proofreading! Overall March went by so swiftly that all I can say that it was an OK month—I guess better than last month in some ways?

Blogging in March Promptly and Efficient~! 

I was like oh time to post! I have everything I need prepared for my blog so all I did was check my time table and when it was time to post, I post! Sometimes I kinda miss all the crazies I did prior to posting (like photo taking/searching, writing) although not as terrible as it may sound, I can really say that my style now embodies true effortless~

Regulars: I started the month with my usual monthly manga rundown! My favorite on the list are: あの子に恋する山田に恋した, 覆面系ノイズ, and 執事たちの沈黙. For complete February’s WoMRL post, please read the entry! And as for my monthly recommendation, I implore you guys to read 우리사이느은 by 이연지. And since the season has ended and spring is upon to those who live in Northern hemisphere, I give thee my final impressions! I’m gonna miss Jean Otus & Nino!!!

First up is my take on anti-heroes! I like me some anti-heroes and I tell you why! Secondly, I shared you my ultimate blogging tip—note taking! It sounds simple but it helps me organize and makes my blogging super easy! Third, I lamented over lengthy, and I considered overdue manga series! I love long series but super long, now that’s not funny!  And finally I tried to get creative and wrote a quasi-anecdote of what hype is about! Do read if you have time!

March be like: new web project, translations! And more webtoons!

Monthly Digest!

New to my ears: Chain to the Rhythm – Katy Perry, Shape of You – Ed Sheeran, and Stay – Zedd, Alessia Cara, & That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars (when spring anime comes, J-music will dominate my playlist again~)

Favorite reads: 不思議の国の有栖川さん, 대새녀의 메이크업 이야기, 말할 수 없는 남매, 사랑스러운 복희씨 Fave Re-reads: 브레이커, コーヒー&バニラ, ヒミツのアイちゃん

  • I have new blog! No, it isn’t really a blog but more like a micro blog a la twitter! I open a project called 3652 (365 Square). The challenge is to write my thoughts of the day in 365 characters or less in 365 days. Obviously since I started in March I already failed but I’m still keeping it. I usually update it every week… (I just note them then update them in one go!) I don’t know if I can keep this up but I was pretty happy on how it looks!
  • I also dip my toe (and swarmed by the strong currents) of fan translation! It’s a real piece of work BUT! I really am enjoying it! I’m learning so much! I realized how difficult it is because when I read it’s just me, but when you translate you have to make sure people who’ll read it get the context, and you as the translator to interpret as close as the original but doesn’t sound awkward on the language you’re translating it to! So hats off to translators of the animanga community!!!
  • I’m so into webtoons pretty deep! I installed yet another app and I checked out a bunch of series! Of course reading (as of now more like starting intently then checks few words in dictionary if needed) does help me with my Korean lessons so you could say still beneficial! I’ve found few faves but I’m saving it to my March’s WoMRL (slated for April)! Do look out for that as always!

Monthly Forecast for April! Second Quarter of the year, & here I am still lazing around!

april 2017 sched
Geared up for April! *melts* (© pusheen)
  • Ugh, I wish I’m risk taker like, seriously, self! I know I have to do it but man; I’m such a scary cat! But I have to do it! Imma have to brace myself and do it! It has something to that vague promise I made for myself and yearly goal~ Gaaah totally praying that I have to act it up soon!
  • We have travel plans? LOL I’m not even sure but my sister prepared a trip that none of us know nothing about (we do know the destination, so there’s that!). Unlike the previous trip where I searched the places and did the whole shebang, I’m just gonna follow the lead based on the itinerary dai-nesama had organized!  Woot!
  • Even if I have vacay filled in on my sched, my blogging is still business as usual~ LOLOL I’m gonna give you sneak peek every month since those things are already done! Well except for those need to happen like wrap-up and my anime first impression! <3 It’s now April, so fasten that seatbelts!
  • Of course Spring anime! I already said my piece here, but let me emphasize again how hype I am for Boku no Hero Academia, Kenka Banchou Otome, Fukumenkei Noise and the well overdue, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2!


Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. — Proverbs 16:3

And that’s it! That’s my March so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How’s March?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!