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Author: Bethany Griffin Series: (Masque of the Red Death #1)...

Author: Bethany Griffin
Series: (Masque of the Red Death #1)
Published: April 24th 2012 by Harper Collins

There’s confusing annoying and there’s confusing yet fulfilling.  Masque of the Red Death is mystifying but overall satisfying. It’s like how I felt with Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres but only better. Admittedly, I struggle a bit but once I overcome those struggles the story became crystal clear. I loved the eerily, disturbing mood this books has.

I haven’t read Edgar Allan Poe’s original version, sadly. But nevertheless I still enjoyed reading the book. I usually ignore this kind of genre, as I am very picky. Often than not they left me displeased and upset. Fortunately this is not the case. Yes, I also experience the same perplexity; the post-apocalyptic and historical-fiction is a tricky combination for me. It is either it would work, or not. But it worked, I’m super happy. The slight struggle I was saying though was the world building. I did have a hard time picturing some things like for example the mask their wearing. I’m not sure if I’m imagining it right, in my head it looks like a glass. I’m not sure if that’s how it was describe. But imagining it on my version didn’t turn me off. So I progressed because if there’s one thing I really, really loved about this book. It’s the characters.

I tell you upfront, I liked Elliott, the nephew of the prince. But first let’s start with the girl, Araby was ok, she already has a story to tell. And I fully understand her actions, like for instance her vow. I know that she felt guilty about her brother’s death. And because of the guilt she doesn’t want to experience happiness. She’s contained. I liked that her character has a foundation. Now for the other guy, at first, I’m more inclined to Will. The dangerous looking but have soft spot as he’s taking care of his younger siblings. Plus the story of his mother, the story behind his tattoos. Who would not swoon? But there’s something lacking that loses his appeal. Especially after what he did to Araby (even though I know his reason was it kinda left me disappointed).

Now Elliott. This guy is a sad, sad fella. But at the same he’s quite scary too. How’s that possible? Living with his violent and self-centered (and crazy) uncle made it possible. I would not normally like him. He drinks, he uses people. He’s sorta evil but at the same I understand how he became like that. I mean, in order for him to master sword skills his uncle had people (close to him) killed. That every time he lost, someone dies. It’s terrifying. It’s traumatic. And the crocodiles? Scary. There are so many layers to uncover. And I want to see. I’m eager to see.

And there’s love triangle. I’m glad because it’s not over the top, it was carefully developed. Since you know I liked Elliott, he has my vote. And not because I liked him better. He needs Arby, he needed someone. Araby needed the same person that Elliot needed, and in that way they sort of…fit. But let me tell this—the love triangle is just one, because there’s more to enjoy.

The story is petrifying. The people are dying from the plague. People who are healthy one minute end up collapsing and dying. People live in fear. And in those in powers seem not to care. Imagine that! There are three factions here, one are the prince’s, then Elliott’s and the Reverend Malcontent. Which is which? Ah, so much to know, much to look forward to.

I wanted to tell you more on how ugly yet beautiful the story is. But I’m stopping now. All I can say is go grab this book and read it! Like right now!

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