News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this May 2019!

How would I describe my May? Exhausting. The number of mental breakdowns I had sum it up. I wouldn’t say it was a crappy month overall but oh boy, did I question the many decisions I made in the past. I was consoling myself that I can do it (I actually did in the end, yay for victories), mistakes are part of the process, and I have everything under control. But I tend to slip up and doubt myself. It was just tiring. I felt like hiding away in the bushes just like that popular Simpson’s gif.

So yeah, it was pretty exhausting month. I wasn’t emotionally, mentally, and physically at my best but I learned to cope. I am praying for better June. Last year, June was awesome (life changing in fact). Having said that, all I am praying is nice month, ordinary month. The kind of where my regular routine work down to a T. Chill month means normal, simple. But challenges I faced this month strengthen my resolve. That I actually grew up. Never to quiting halfway through!

Blogging in May: Small Changes, Big Changes! All towards to a better blogging experience! One less post but that’s fine!

So with the month being like that my schedule got all messed up, and that affected my blog posts. I only put up a total of 3 posts (that’s one less than my normal sched). I almost didn’t get to post the latest with all the things I was handling. I had too much in my plate, you see.

Also, I spent my blogging time to moving server. I transferred to just to be on the safe side. And with my blog’s domain renewal just around the corner, I took it as signal to take action. I transfer websites often at work so I know the gist so that went smoothly (although I forgot to backup files from my test site… I just saved the current themes I’m building, oopsie). I am super duper thankful to Lysanthus for accommodating my humble abode.

I’m also changing up my monthly banner, probably gonna use stock photos instead of doing quarterly banner like I did two years now? I prefer variety. But songs lyrics as title will stay (cos I’m un-artistic that way). And rest assured my own photo banner that I’ve been doing these past few months will remain. I actually enjoy taking pictures. It eases my mind a bit.

Reading in May: I’ve read so little but I got to finish a long timer of my TBR list—a reverse harem that I liked!

ブルーピリオド:Art Manga!

So reading month was pretty bleh. Yeah, May wasn’t super exciting to talk about haha. I was just pretty exhausted and by the time I went to bed, I just snoozed pretty quickly (which admittedly is better than not being able to sleep). My reading time is every night right before I sleep, and with me sleeping as soon as I hit the pillow, manga reading productivity suffered. But that’s OK, I wasn’t in the mood to read. In fact, I binge watched Hunter X Hunter (), and since I’m still craving some Togashi level writing, I’m now re-watching Yu Yu Hakusho (幽遊白書). The last time I watched it was…more than a decade ago? So I think it was an apt time. Yeah, there was that!

  1. Blue Period. () – I was drawn by the very amazing volume cover art!! It was about a guy who sorta have that delinquent vibe yet book smart that found himself in world of art. He now aims to enter Tokyo University of the Arts or Geidai, and he only has two years to make that plan work!
  2. Chuusotsu Worker kara Hajimeru Koukou Seikatsu  () – the protagonist was forced to adult responsibility after some family problems. Now, at 18, his younger sister convinced him to attend high school with her. The school admits people with circumstances like him so they can pursue education at any age. He could be a jerk but I think the attitude was warranted. It’s nice to see a different high school setting, especially for character with all kinds of background.
  3. Collide (부딪지다) – I think author-nim is officially my reverse harem #kween ‘cos she created another story of well coveted girl (like literally, I meant that literally!!) and all the hot guys are falling for her. I’m so happy mangatoon have 160+ episodes uploaded at once. I only tried like 5 chapters on Daum but my Korean pretty non-existent with the little I can read, so I’m happy that I understand the heck out of it now! Damn, all the hot guys, people!
  4. La Corda d’Oro ()- after what it felt like century, I finally got the mood to start and finish the whole thing. It was on my to-read list for so loooong (since the anime came out in Animax…?) so I felt super accomplished finishing the series. I didn’t know there are spin-offs and even a sequel. I started reading the first volume of the sequel and even though it was reverse harem, she wasn’t together “together” with what I think is the male lead. And that’s interesting to me (pretty sum up my thoughts about the not so obvious partner here)
  5. Miageru to Kimi wa  () – an opposite attracts kinda of series. A very strong vibe woman, and cutie, feminine boy.  It’s a slice of life type of story that is so warm, and simple, and nice. Just fluff in a good way! It’s the kind that will make you smile after reading then move on. It didn’t linger too long on me but it was kinda nice. Yeah, I needed that kind of nice these days.

Life in May: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Plus, it’s a good source of Vitamin C!

Emotional Detox Please!
  • I kinda want to skip this portion because there weren’t a lot to write home about. I was just pretty much drained of energy. Just one thing after the other piled up and I was just overwhelmed with everything. But like I said earlier, I have learned many lessons but that didn’t take way the emotional zapped I experienced these past few days.
  • In other happy news, my older sister’s birthday and she treated us to a great dinner so I got to see my little nephew again. It just a month but he’s so big now. And such cutie pie! Dinner with the family can be fun with all the talk, catch up, and of course delicious food! I’ve been craving for some great lasagna! Thanks sissy!
  • Look at my super cutie icon!! It’s my first-time doing commission with me being the client. I’ve always been on other side of the fence. It was nice and smooth working experience! I think I was pretty vague with the details but she still made this super awesome illustration and perfect in one go! I’m gonna use it anywhere that demands me a profile pic, haha. I’ve always wanted to have my own icon—a caricature of myself (‘cos moi is not that confidence), but I pushed myself to DIY route (want to do art!) but alas talent is what I lack. I’m in love with my icon.  Finally me!! Forever grateful to @dapithaponn

Looking forward to June: I need a tons of Keep Calm Quotes for the weary self! Praying for better June!

Pursuit of Calmness!
  • June, maybe some rain? OK, the rain last weekend was seriously wack! And then I heard the weather news just earlier that it’ll be hot again. Damn! I miss the cold months already! Anyway, aside from the weather, I want a better month. I wasn’t really at my best and I was so overwhelmed with everything happening. My tear ducts had enough of the crying. I’m praying for a nicer month.
  • Gotta go to dad for a visit. If you didn’t know I lost my dad in 2013—yes, I was blogging already then, and no, I put all the personal details so I didn’t really say anything about it. But we have come to terms now (it’s been six years) and a visit to dad always make us remember the fun times. Also the next day is my younger sister’s birthday. Not sure what she plans, so we’ll see.
  • It’s time again to do my mid-year check up (last year here), and I’m pretty embarrassed about the very minimal progress I have with my list! But writing them down kinda motivates me to do it…or pick up again for those I sort of forgot. I really need the reminder to work my butt off. But saying that doesn’t mean I’m forcing myself to do it, if anything, what I learned this month that challenges are there for our growth. It’s easier to quit, so doing it even though is not perfect is so much better. (Wow, I kinda need the pep talk, *pats self* I felt like everything this May wasn’t enough even if I did my best *boinks!*)
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. — Isaiah 41:10 | NIV