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Gosh, where do I start? It’s really a stressful time...

Gosh, where do I start? It’s really a stressful time right now. With pandemic looming over our heads there are still plenty of things that’s currently happening and it ain’t good. I already have struggles of my own—which I’m mentally dealing as of the moment—but now, things outside my control are creeping into my thoughts and it’s just truly draining my almost depleted energy. It’s hard to be powerless! But I don’t like keeping it to myself, wallowing inside the safety of my bubble when the rest are crying for help. It’s truly—I don’t like using this word as Psych grad but—it’s depressing to hear, to read what’s all over the news.

The end of the month of May implies where six months into the year, and what half a year we had! It’s so easy to disregard anything that good came out in the face of this pandemic but I’m holding those good things in my mind to keep me from falling apart. It’s so suffocating right now so those serve as lifeline. We expect camaraderie and compassion to rule in this health emergency, but vile as humans can be, it isn’t. *sighs* Life’s so hard right now. So, so hard.

Blogging in May: Channeling some of my blogging time towards my 10th anniv revamp! Designs done and some more!

In blogging news, I’ve completed my new design which I will unveil later this year! I haven’t coded it yet and I’m also doing commission on the side; hustle first before mine. But I’m excited to show how it looks like! While I was working with it, can’t help reminisce the past layouts and objective of my blog. I come a long way! In connection, expect just one post per month coming from me! Mostly just personal random musings! I have plans after revamp, promise! But I’m keeping the momentum slow. I learned to take my sweet time when it comes to transition—it shows how resolved I am! Oh yeah, here’s the post for the month: “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.

Reading in May: Can’t get enough of those royal shenanigans and some cutesy romance as I crave for some fluff in between!

Drowning in Fiction!

Reading was pretty good this month! I read few good series and finish my very first web novel (later for the deets!) I also got new e-books on my kobo! (yes, that new Hunger Games book and some more). Although I plan to read only two books this year, I wish I can break the 1000th before the year ends—only 8 more to go! Can I do it? Can I?

  1. 101번째 여주인공 | 101st Female Protagonist – if Keira Cass’s The Selection is turned into webtoon this is it! Just like the premise of the book, noble girls were called to participate for the princess selection but our FMC is not only a commoner but the 101st candidate—dead last! Will the circumstances favor her! Well, yes, and I’m not saying more after that!
  2. 잘못된 고백 | A False Confession – this one’s pretty hype series among webtoon (isekai, romance genre) fans! NGL I loved the first chapter, truly captivating! But the rest were meh until we got to the part where she confessed. My interest started to pick up after that! Following it right now!
  3. | Arashi-kun no Dakimakura – from the same author of LD-K and Men’s Life (I really liked the latter) girl got entangled with a guy who hired her to sing him to sleep—like a lullaby! Pretty early to tell but pretty interesting premise!
  4. 마계탈출록 | Escape Devildom – it’s so regretful when the story prematurely ended (just like which I read this month but got lazy to add here!) It felt like there were so many things to expand from those plot progress but it just ended. Like that! The MC was pretty dope, he hid his true skills while he pretended as the fake devil king! Ugh, it could be more! I know there was more!
  5. 네 살 차이 | Four Years Apart – just re-read & another series part of my catch-a-thon, I’ve already mentioned my first impression here!
  6. | Mikansei Demo Koi Ga Ii – it’s been so long since I read a good shoujo manga. It’s serving the sweet fluff romance that I like! Impressed how the relationship progresses so awkwardly (as it should be ‘cos they’re teens). It’s a very charming series!
  7. 유일무이 로맨스 | One of Kind Romanceanother reread & it’s catch-a-thon too! Stopped when there were little chapters available. I thought with 90 eps now I would easily be satisfied! Not! I want more of adorable love story between an aspiring writer/kpop fangirl and this A-lister actor! So Cute!
  8. 돌아온 여기사 | Return of the Female Knight – my very first web novel that I finished that doesn’t have webtoon counterpart! I loved this novel; it was so freaking ‘fantasy’ romance—how fiercely loyal and in love the MMC with the FMC! I devoured this series in 2 days, I think. Like the rest of the “return to the past” premise in webtoons, the FMC tried to stop the death of her family by saving the crown prince and asked him to marry her. But it turned out he was madly in love w/ her! In fictional context this kinda swoon fest to me, not so much IRL but gaaah! Loved it to bits!!
  9. 달콤포근 베이커리 | Scone Sweet Scone – it’s a sweet romance surrounds on food and teen romance misunderstanding! Nothing truly remarkable or new here but it was fresh! On the side note, I hate when localized translation changes name! ETA (time stamp: June 30, 2020) I can’t find the Korean raw of this one I found it!! It’s toomics KR!! but I’m reading the toomics ENG version!)
  10. 시크릿 동맹 | Secret Alliance – this turn darker than I thought. From allergic to men to falling in love with playboy who also the same man that helped her cured his fear of men. And hoobae that wasn’t what she was (she was a he, who was her ex and turned stalker)! I read it in one go! My golly, some scenes were intense. Pretty interesting read!
  11. 용의주도 황비 | The Careful Empress – fell in love with first 5 chapters! This legendary dragon was slayed by a female knight then got reincarnated as the daughter of the same knight who killed her! First she sought revenge but it turned out the knight sincerely treasured their times together. But what she thought the beginning of a happy family, the king slayed his parents right in front of her and took her as his bride! Yeah, I know, I didn’t expect that too!

Life in May: so many thoughts running in my head and all I can do is write ’em down and distract myself from other things; life’s hard! *sighs*

Distraction in the form of plans!
  • It’s very telling where my mind is based on my opening salvo but yeah, it’s pure chaos out there! As they ease the restriction with not so much guarantee about our welfare, all we can do is to stay indoors as much as possible. Take proper precaution if you really as in really, really need to go outside. It’s still not safe out there! *sighs* I feel so hopeless thinking about a lot of things.
  • I got some side hustling to do so that I’m grateful. So pump while working on it as it occupies my mind to think of other things. That’s why I’m on a roll when it comes to designs ‘cos I feel like breathing when I think about other things! I know this is kind of escapism but I need this. My mental health need this. So, any distraction from feeling down is a welcome thought!
  • I’m beginning to schedule my posts after the revamp is over. As I said earlier, post will be scarce as I reorganize some things here! Once these reorganizations are done and about, things will go back to normal. So for now, some personal thoughts here and there. Sounds like filler-ish but yeah, saving those posts once the blogging mojo is back!

Looking Forward to June: six months into 2020 and things are far from over…I hope the year won’t continue this way! *prays*

  • June, huh? Well, I’m gonna write down my mid-year checklist! I don’t think I excel with anything I plan to do for the year—again, motivation! But I’m still gonna write ‘em down, so I can remind myself to do it—at least for the doable ones because you know, safety! Hmmm, I think I’m gonna give myself a failing grade! *hides*
  • I have free day ahead, so I want to do some cleaning up with my workspace. It’s little hot and humid this past month, so I don’t have the energy to work on decluttering. Besides, hardware was closed even though there were things I wanted to do, like painting and stuff. Maybe I can do it during my incoming long weekends! Maybe?!
They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it. —1 Peter 3:11
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