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I think May went pretty good for me!  It wasn’t...

I think May went pretty good for me!  It wasn’t as eventful as April was but I prefer days where I feel so comfy and don’t have worries! I thanked the Lord for it. As He said “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7” And I did and the Lord has blessed me! Super thankful!

On another note, I’m taking a blogging break! Expect no ‘new’ posts for the entire month of June—maybe except for  regulars like: What’s on My Reading List & Wrap-up (if I feel diligent to do so but maybe yes). I haven’t done a good blogging break since six years ago (Look at my archive, only April of 2011 was the only month I didn’t post—and that blogging break was only prompted by hosting/server problem!) I love my blog but I need some time off. I’m also taking this time to sort things out!  I may or may not have something new in store when I come back! So do look out for that!

Anyway let’s get this show starting—er, this wrap-up I mean.

Blogging in May: Super, super independent! My blog blogged itself!

I did all my post in two days cos I was expecting that I’m gonna be inaccessible but that didn’t happen (thankfully!) so I drafted all my posts for the month, scheduled them and let WP’s schedule function do the rest (which I’ve never tried it before, like why self!?). So I didn’t need to manually check my blog. I only knew that a new post came when I received an email (since I subscribed to my own blog so I can read the new posts LOLOL ). And I liked this blog blogs itself routine—since all banners, photos are ready so drafting post was whole lot easy!

Regulars: I started the month with my usual monthly manga rundown! My favorite on the list are: 이미테이션, 매의검, & マーメイド・ボーイズ. For complete April’s WoMRL post, please read the entry! And as for my monthly recommendation, I implore you guys to read ピアノの森 (Piano no Mori). Also do check my Spring Anime First Impression—it was quite underwhelming to me.

First I shared my vacation in Singapore (and day trip to Johor, Malaysia solely for Legoland). It was super tiring but still definitely fun! I pray God for another travel trip! Next, is graphic novel centric post—about my favorite Best Friends turn Lovers stories! Did you try anything on the list? Thirdly, I talked about blogging regrets, and I’m proud to tell y’all that I haven’t experience such! Blogging should be fun, am I right? And lastly, though this may sound less fun but I do love being a loner—and just wrote a piece about it!

May be like: smoother, goal to connect with my Christian Life! 

New to my ears: Bruno Mars – Versace on the Floor, Most Girls – HaileE Steinfeld, No Pomises – Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato, IU — Ending Scene
Favorite reads: ストレンジ ドラゴン, 나라를 구했다!
Favorite re-reads: 妄想テレパシー, 関根くんの恋, 그 해 여름, 지독하게 끌어안고 지독하게 키스하고

  • I had so many things in my mind (which also must have incited my upcoming blogging break) and I really want to do more Bible reading! I’m not ashamed of the gospel but I never really tried hard to study and strongly integrated it in my daily life. And I want to do that! Maybe I’ll do bullet journal focusing on it, but I need to connect more with God’s word. It’s always about my I need, but spiritual life is desperately lacking growth and I want to do something about that.
  • Honestly I didn’t do lot of watching of anime for this season. I don’t watch on the same day like I usually do! I just don’t feel like watching. Reading too, I didn’t do a lot of reading…more like re-reading, yeah, but I’m too unmotivated to read brand new series! Although I ended up watching Goblin (haven’t finished the series, I’m on episode 12) and Arslan Senki (Filipino dubbed). I loved the Filipino dubbed of Arslan! I put it on-hold when it was airing in Japan…but I don’t know there’s something so enjoyable watching it in my language! (their Tagalog is so fluent and it’s so nice to hear!) and  I’m totally focused on the story! That’s why I’m still pro Filipino dubbing (good dubbing though!).  So I didn’t totally forgot about reading and watching, but I want something else than what this season is offering!
  • If you didn’t notice I decided to privatize my social media accounts, I think I mentioned about @hellomilke (my IG) and now my twitter,@rainvogue. I’m not sure but I feel like containing things I shared online, though my blog will always stay public but my social media aacounts (esp my IG) I want it to less visible to the public eye! I don’t know I just feel like keeping it contained…I guess!

Monthly Forecast for June! A blogging break!

  • Like I said I’m taking a break from blogging! You can still catch me on twitter, but I want to move myself from my blog! I’ll take this time to sort, and perhaps rejuvenate my blogging mojo!
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.
— 1 Chronicles 16:34 NIV

And that’s it! That’s my May so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How’s May?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!! 

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