News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this May!

Oh dear, it’s the end of the month again! It’s absolutely mind blowing, still, how epically days just go by without the care in the world! I think my May started pretty OK for the most parts! I know last month I said that I hope I can yell to the void that I finally got my sh*t sorted…well, not yet, but there’s a progress! (LSS of the month, Fight Song by Rachel Platten! I needed the push!)

To be more accurate, it isn’t ‘completely’ sorted out but at least I’m making an effort towards my goal. I think I’m good on doing the baby steps, rather than the “yeah, whatever, it’s all or nothing” attitude. I’m too risk phobic to act nonchalant about it. Anyhoo, I think it’s time to start this baby and give you the real deets!!

Blogging in May: things get awkward when I couldn’t choose the featured photos I wanted to use for my upcoming posts!!

So, if you don’t know I write things a month before (if I’m pretty diligent much, much earlier than that) so the posts are done, like written, formatted and saved in my drafts…however, the nit-picky part for me are the photos!!  It’s always a dilemma for me because I want them to look cohesive, and since I heavily rely on stock photos—which are taken by various people—making it harder to achieve that!! This is why I’m aiming to take my own photos, but I still don’t have a decent camera to use…so I have to bear this dilemma and make things done with what I have for now!

As for May, well, that was done in April and it was all set and ready to go when it should be! So *drum roll* here are these month’s TL;DR posts!!

May Reading List: The webtoons saga continues! And more shoujo manga but not the contemporary ones!

I’m still in MHA high!!

I download an app called WebComics from playstore ’cos I heard it has the official English release of Love like Cherry Blossoms (and y’all should know how much I adore that series (been talking about it for three months!!) it’s so cute, and fluffy and just ahhh~ *melts*) And because I have this shiny new app, of course I tried some series—but tbqh I didn’t like a lot of their line-up, most of them are those over dramatic love-hate relationship that I find more abusive than my usual tsundere fluffiness (that I prefer) so yeah—nope. And I’m not really the desperate for a read. But there are hidden gems which I did like!

1. (Aoba-kun ni Kikitai Koto)(ongoing) I think I’ve started this before but didn’t like it at that time. I shelved for later then look where I am now?? It’s one of the cutesy shoujo manga that you just go “aw~” with its silly cuteness! There’s love triangle there and y’all should know who I’m rooting for—yeah, it’s not the main character Aoba-kun.

2. (Kusuriya no Hitorigoto) ∙ (ongoing) I freaking love this thingwhy didn’t I find it out when there’s so little chapters to devour?? Why, oh why? It’s historical drama about young pharmacist who was abducted from the red light district now working for one of the higher concubines in the palace!! I adore how witty, smart, and dense when it comes to love Mao Mao is!! And you know I live for the slow burn romance!! But more than the politics, the wits of the heroine makes me go root for her hard!!

3. (Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji) ∙ (ongoing) I’ve read this before but I only managed to read like a couple of chapters then I quit! (cos you know, mooood~) but I’ve decided to pick up and lo and behold I caught up to the latest chapter!! Hooray~ I wish the girl has more to offer than your regular defenseless almost useless heroine. I mean, I do like damsel in distress rescued princess style moments, but when you’re freaking wallflower in your own narrative, then you know there’s a huge problem, right? Good thing there are hot ayakashis there!

4. Stars-crossed Lovers(ongoing) this webtoon is pretty new but with a pretty OK start. So the two mothers of the two leads connived to hook their kids together in their travel getaway to Turkey and—wait, yeah…that’s all there is for now. I’m keeping my eyes with this one, the art is really artsy, like watercolor-ish types & I’m sucker for that!!

5. Stay with the CEO(ongoing) another one from webcomics, about this hardworking jellyfish woman who has the VP as her boss—a cold & extreme slave driver! Now where’s all the CEO thing in the title, ah, yeah, there’s a cutesy lady there who thought herself as the heroine of the story, she wanted to work so she could made the CEO fall for her: luckily it did happen! But the VP had some plan for himself to make him the CEO; yep, got that privileged corporate ex-boss out of his seat and so is his relationship with that shallow woman. Reading this made me feel vindicated somehow, LOL!!

6. (Suijin no Hanayome)(ongoing) I really love so I decided to try latest work! It’s different from 하백의 신부 I’m not sure myself though since I’ve never got past chapter 20-ish of the latter, I think? She was transported to a world where folks town revel gods. They offer human sacrifices and the girl was unfortunately ended up as one. But the water god grown fascination with her (it was slooooow ‘til he showed her some sort of compassion, he was so impassive most of the time) and he helped in some ways. There are politics, tragedy happening but nothing too deep or hunting. It’s quite entertaining so I’m sticking with this, Suijin is pretty interesting

7. Tsuki no Shippo)(completed) this is one of those series that I kept on trying to read but prematurely quit because of reason (read: mood—yep, again) but like I finally got around finishing the whole thing. I really didn’t like heroine for most part (I’m not really a big fan of girl so desperate to get the guy’s attention) but there was one time I liked her (when she was emotionless after the tragedy befell her kin) but what drove it home is the historical element—this happened during the Sengoku Era so that was enough reason to finish it. I did like it, but not much. I’m not sure if I’m gonna read the spin-off, but let’s see.

8. (Tendou-ke Monogatari) ∙ (ongoing) oh boy, do I love this series, or do I LOVE THIS SERIES!! I DO! Yes, I do! One of my favorite reads just like and it just have all those elements that I like—dense heroine, innocent to a fault but not aggravating types, can literally kick someone’s ass and also have a not so typical male lead!! Yep, yep, yep, head over heels with this one. This is also historical fiction set during the Taishou Era about a prominent family with all those hocus pocus dark past about them!! I’m super intrigued with the family background that their members are not hesitant to kill somebody off! Now that’s my story!! *wiggle eyebrows*

I also re-read and finished the whole thing, too! It’s been years and years since I read it. This one hit me with tons of feels because it reminded me of my teenhood years (one of the fandom I was so into before). It was nice to reminisce through it. Now, I’m thinking of re-reading big series every now and then just like I did for April & May!

Life in May: It’s not exactly a manic May (like last month) but I guess the whole is more than the sum of its parts!

Epic heat of the summer continues!
  • I promised to myself that May will be better than April was. And I guess that was true in some areas of my life. Unlike last month that I did nothing to make a step towards that goal, I’m making small effort this time.  It’s small but better than nothing, right? It’s the attitude of trying that keeps me positive for the whole thing.
  • It’s almost a decade since I visited my university, but I went there this month to retrieve my grad book and my post graduate diploma. And a lot of things changed haha, I didn’t know where is where and ended up asking students. It’s weird that something that I was so familiar with became a complete stranger now. Yes, #hugot line!
  • It’s my older sister birthday! She turned 40 this month and her nice friends asked if we can make a birthday video greeting for her (she lives in Australia now). And of course we did, even though we were so camera shy . I was the one who organized and edit the stuff, and the one thing I realized is that I’m not cut for vlogging ‘cos editing video? Is a freaking pain! I’m sticking to blogging where I am comfortable!
  • I also finished watching 닥터스 (Doctors)! It was pretty cool, if you don’t know one of my favorite shonen series is and it has tons loads of medical jargon but it is undeniably cool. And that made me interested with the drama series. And I’m immensely pleased that there were actually tons of medical stuff going on there (I’m pre-med btw!!)  Been a long time since I enjoyed a k-drama (I’m not into watching series in general, but I love to binge watch from time to time!!)
  • I also have some business related news for ya!  I just made 35% discount coupon (available at my portfolio twitter account) so if you want a design from me then here’s your chance (available only for design packages)!! Also, I made a ko-fi account. I’m not sure if it’s worth signing up ‘cos do people like my content in the first place? But it’s too late, I already made it so…I’ll put it there just in case!

Looking Forward to June: We’re officially entering mid-year?? How’s that even possible?? Hustle, bustle, towards my personal goals!!

Re-evaluating my year’s resolution!
  • Something about June that’s making me a bit uneasy or anxious for some reason. Well, I have this feeling that once June kicks in the months will quickly roll off and then the year is over once again (what an exaggeration but it feels true to me!! In fact local AM station here already playing Christmas song as early as June!) I haven’t been able to really sort my goals, resolution, and challenges & honestly some of them I haven’t accomplished yet!  (Please do look out for that post this June, too!) So gotta work, work, work!!
  • I have all most post in drafts (haven’t scheduled them yet) must finish working on the blogs photos so I can work on some of the stuff. I tend to work one thing at a time!
  • I hope summer ends already. It’s freaking humid  (hotter than the last two summers combined!!) and the wind blows hot air it’s giving me goosebumps!! We don’t have AC at home and even  the nights feel like I’m still in the middle of the 2pm sun!! Ugh, let the rain fall down and wash away the…heat! (Hilary Duff, anyone??) I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m missing the rain! I want rain showers not typhoon though! Again, rain, rain, rain come again! Like right now!
But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. — James 1:6 | NIV