I’m pretty sure if I read Fallen by Lauren Kate today I probably will dislike it. There are so many books that I read before and when I checked my ratings I was totally stunned. My reactions are between “I rated this 5 stars?” to “I actually read this book?!” something along those lines. I think it was because I was really new to the whole reading thing and everything was refreshing and different that I’m easily impressed. I even write that in my about page, telling people I’m easy to impress.

I’m actually thinking why I like this book in the first place?

I’m actually thinking why I liked Fallen in the first place?

Not anymore, I’m not. It looks like I’m not easy to impress anymore. After reading so many books I picked up a habit or two from it. I guess I unconsciously pocketed those tidbits and if I ever encountered that thing again, now in another book it easily stripped off the originality aspect for me. As I said before, I have read many books and I ended up being the outcast, particularly those massively popular books. I mean, I get it and I understand why it was popular… well sometimes, but for someone reason it failed to sway me.

I think reviewing books also contributed to this attitude. It’s not that I’m highly critical, but now it takes a whole lot more to make me praise the book. And when I say ‘a whole lot more’ doesn’t necessarily equate to the technical aspect of the book, but sometimes the pure reason of just enjoying the book weighs more than me analyzing and enumerating the points and faults of the story. I still highly consider the ideas injected in the books. It’s still critical to me and I think will always be but now it will never be enough. I will call compliments if necessary, but lack of enjoyment will bother me, especially if it was a trope that has been done over and over again.

Honestly, I really don’t miss it, being that person that was easier to impress. I actually like that I became this type of reader that regards something more. Looking for that book that I will like despite reading something similar before, or much better reading very diverse stories (not those dime a dozen). And while I said reading is an escape it is also a journey—an experience, and I want it to be different every time I open a book.

How about you, have you second guessed your rating? Were you easier to impress before you became a blogger? Care to share it with me. 😀

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