Personal / As per tradition here's my yearly greetings + little talk~!

First and foremost, greetings! Merry Christmas everyone~! It’s my tradition to greet everyone a very happy Christmas so here it is. But I decided to add some personal touch about Christmas means to me. I think it’s the best season to talk about it. First, I need to admit that when it comes to my spiritual life I tend to slack, more than the other aspects of my life (although I pretty much screwed so many life decisions). Anyways, but I think despite my many mishaps, I’m so happy that I get to know Jesus Christ in my life. It is, as I always say, the only constant thing in my life!

Since it’s the Christmas season, I want to share a bit of what God has given to me. No, my life is not full of sunshine and rainbows. There are lots of trials but there are also lots of joys. I remember very well what pastor said in one of worships service is that God don’t give you trials you can’t do > but it’s not really that—sometimes God give us trials we can’t do so we need to ask Him for help. Oh boy, do I always ask for help. I’m quite anxious, mentally drained and hypochondriac. My mind tricks me in a regular basis, depleting my almost empty inner peace and I hate how I easily succumbed to its goading. But every time I’m in a pickle I always, always ask for help. And God answer that, although I honestly sometimes don’t know when and sometimes I even got impatient. Yeah, I’m the worst. But in everything He always there for me so Christmas for me is also the time to give thanks to God who has been blessed us with such an amazing gift, His precious son!

When God answers prayers, it’s the best feeling ever! I think in many ways I’m fully blessed in life. I don’t have lots of fancy things but those little bits and those that are far more important? Yeah, God always give me and my family what we exactly (sometimes even more!) need. We’re truly blessed.

But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship.
Galatians 4:4-5 | NIV

And since it’s Christmas, we shouldn’t forget the reason why all celebrate Christmas. It’s the birth of our savior. I know that this season has become commercialized and we are taking the real reason out of the picture sometimes. What I love about Christmas is that in many ways we will remember the reason why we are celebrating it intentionally or not! Of course the festivity and the gifts but in everything I, us shouldn’t forget the reason why it is celebrated in the first place! It is why I love Christmas!

As I promised in my goals, challenges and resolutions for next year, I want to do some regular bible studying—take some time to relish the word of God, to lighten up my life with its encouraging words and guide me in the right path. I know God is always with me, with us!