Personal / Some I conquered with ease and some I still obviously struggle at best!

I was pretty satisfied with my goals, resolutions, and challenges for 2018! I have so many things I wanted to accomplish this year. Some I’m conquering with ease, while some I’m still struggling at best! But I guess I still have half a year to make those things happen! Like people say, it ain’t too late until you make it so! Or never say never! So despite all the ups and downs, I think I’m still all up for the task!

I think my year opened pretty well for me!  I was so busy when January came (despite all the internet mishaps and some shenanigans in between) I managed to streamline all my plans for the year (or make a baby steps towards it). So I think it isn’t a failure in the making, in a sense I think I’m doing okay, to rate I think I’m in the “satisfactory level” not very good but reasonable with the little actions I’m making right now.

1. More Bible self-study! ∙ My bible study is more of me reading my lesson of the day. I used to integrate it in my daily journal but March came and I’ve gotten lazy! I’m still doing it every day but not the writing! I’m earning badges as a proof of this (when you finished a lesson for some amount of days you get shiny badges) so I think I’m doing okay. I can be better of course! So that’s the new goal for now!!

2. Healthier lifestyle! ∙ My routine is pretty steady, although there are times that I gave in to my sinful desires (sleeping late, ack!!) I think I feel better with my health choices—especially when it comes to sleep which I struggle the most! I go to bed early now (like 11pm, yep, that’s early to me) and reorganize my routine with my new sleeping habits! I think this part is a huge improvement!

3. Read more book/s! ∙ Should I consider this a new development in my reading habits? One book is better than nothing, yes? I read Restore Me and I’m happy that I read a book after neglecting this old hobby of mine for some years now! I do plan to read more. Obviously, it’s still too hard for me to read one per month (which what I organically planned,) but at least four more books before the year ends sound a good goal!

Grainy photo of my two journals!

4. Read a (Japanese language) light novel ∙ I totally forgot to buy the light novel when I went to Japan last March  (like, how could me??!!) but in my defense when you were surrounded by aisles and aisles of cheap manga you will be distracted, too! So that’s my lame excuse! I only plan to read one so that’s still possible! My choice remains the same as well!

5. Write my journal the traditional way! ∙ 50/50 I did great for the first three months, slacked when April rolled in, then in a complete struggle to keep up this May!! I need to pick up the pace, it’s going to be an ongoing battle writing traditionally when you’re lazy to write to begin with (typing? sure~ writing with hands…hello, CTS!!!). And because I’m an ambitious little monster, I’m maintaining two journals: my monthly scrapbook-esque, and my daily/weekly journal!

6. Save up money!! ∙ Haha, I don’t know how to even say about this. It’s a failure, let’s keep that way! Of course the year has yet to end so maybe, maybe in the coming months I will learn to save like a real adult would!!

7. Travel More! ∙ I’m expecting to travel with my family twice this year but it’s still something in the air and perhaps, in the end, we might need to cancel. However, I managed to travel super early this year and to the country I’ve been dreaming since!! I finally got to visit Japan!! Woo~! The experience was super, super awesome! And I agree with what other say about Japan: once you been there you will want to travel back~ I want to visit Osaka before the years ends…hopefully (heavily relies on the above goal ^)

8. Commit to serious blog photography! ∙ Okay, I did some photography but not in everything!! But unlike last year where I heavily rely on stock photos, now, in between those stock photos I also took some of my own (especially if it has something to do with manga). I wish of the time where all my photos are mine! Maybe someday. But I guess this is pretty okay with I have now!

9. Serious Language study (like serious) ∙ My language study is good…I think! My translation time is getting shorter, which means I’m now able to understand a lot of dialogues without the help of the dictionary! So I think I just need to keep up, read more, and I think I’ll improve along the way!

warm tea to start my lazy ass moving!

10. Write a post purely in Japanese?

11. Less/No revamping of my blog’s theme ∙ Yes, I tweaked it a lot but I don’t think I’ll be changing the theme anytime soon (even if the year is over!!) I adore this theme and I have no plans to change it yet! I love how it brings out my personality: gloriously pink, deliberately messy, and littered with emojis! The proof of my satisfaction is the fact that my blog is sporting this theme for almost a year!! A great deal of improvement from my erratic theme changes with my last blog’s domain name.

12. Learn to balance the important things ∙ *cries* nope, I still procrastinate like a boss, I still do things I’m not supposed to do and put the far more important things for later! I hate myself! I gotta move, move, move!! And do, do, do it NOW!! I gotta!