Author: Debra Driza
Series: (MILA 2.0 #1)
Expected publication: March 12th 2013
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Categories: Fantasy, Science Fiction

I received an eARC from Katherine Tegen Books via Edelweiss. Thank you.

I never intended to read this book but when the opportunity presented itself I just grabbed it. I checked out what the premise is all about and it sort of caught my attention. Mila here is an android, you know the microchips, human-like but not really, this awesome, so futuristic technology—the whole enchilada. I was looking forward to some Robocop-esque actions scenes, lasers beam shooting out of her eyes (ok, that was an exaggeration) but seriously, I thought this book has action-packed scenes. Because what good is an android, especially if it’s a high-end, top military project, if not for those? But Mila is not all that, she’s this engineered human-like form struggling with human emotions—the very reason why they were on the run.

Mila at first didn’t know she’s an android but when she got in an accident instead of blood gushing out of her, like a normal human being does, different kind of liquid oozed out. This led to the revelation that her mom wasn’t really her mom and that she’s Mila. Not just a nickname but acronym stands for Mobile Intel Lifelike Android. All the memories she has are lies, she never aged. She’s created exactly like she is today. But the people behind the project didn’t like her that much because she manifests emotions closely to humans. Almost identical and it’s counterproductive for something like her to have that kind of strong emotions. So they decided to terminate her.

While I didn’t eye this initially I was greatly surprised that I actually enjoyed majority of the story. Of course I was utterly defeated that she didn’t turn out to be this awesome totally cool android that I have in mind but instead she’s this robot confused with what she really is and the feeling that she wasn’t supposed to be feeling. And with that peeps, let me now segue to the romance. Oh my gosh, there’s romance? Apparently being a robot doesn’t mean no love life. She has tingling, fluffy feeling for human named Hunter. But when she found about her true identity she started questioning about it too. And when they run off and was unfortunately caught by the people who are after them, he met another guy—which in all honesty I thought was guy number 2—Lucas. I thought there’s going to be love triangle complication. But he wasn’t, or at least I think he wasn’t. At the end she’s still chose Hunter. And she’s about to tell him what she really is.

This story focuses more on “what makes a robot human.” Or “robots have feelings too.” That’s gotta be the recurring theme here. There are action scenes here but it wasn’t solidly delivered (well, that is just me) but nevertheless I’m actually quite satisfied with what the story presented so far. I heard there’s a sequel on the works and surprisingly I actually like to continue Mila’s story. Particularly curious on how it will continue and how Hunter will accept what she really is. Or if not what she will do now, after all that has happened with her.