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Author: Kiersten White Series:(Mind Games #1) Expected publication: February 19th...

Author: Kiersten White
Series:(Mind Games #1)
Expected publication: February 19th 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Categories: Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction

I received an eARC from HarperTeen via Edelweiss. Thank you.

When the blurb says that Mind Games is a stunning departure from her bestselling Paranormalcy trilogy, I should’ve believed it. That’s totally true. This book is more edgy, a bit serious with some dark theme going on.

I have a confession to make before I go and tell you good folks of what I think of the story. I didn’t finish her Paranormalcy series. I was so disappointed with the sequel and according to a very reliable source, she told me that it wasn’t a good ending. And I trust her, because even I, didn’t even have an ounce of motivation to pick it up and finish it, hence the ‘lost interest’ label. But having said that, I didn’t lose hope with her and her works completely. I know the Ms. White is a great writer and I loved the first book of her first series. So I decided to check it out, treat it in a clean slate and tried the story of two sisters with extraordinary powers trapped in a school with a bunch of kids like them.

The story is told in two perspectives: Annie and Sofia, or Fia for short. They are sister and they are gifted with unusual ability. Fia has perfect instincts or intuition; she can’t make a wrong choice. While Annie who is blind, can see the future. It sounded really engaging, right? And here was I full of hope and excitement. I even have my imaginary checklist with me and see if it will meet my short list of expectations. Well, glad to say that it did meet it up but not with flying colors.

There’s not even a speck of her previous work here. When it says it was departure from prior work it wasn’t embellishing. Fia and Annie are completely different from Evie. Where Evie is fun, the two are anxious and strong. And speaking of strong, these two shared that quality when it comes to their bond. They love each other. They want to protect each other, I can even go further by saying they don’t want to be separated. I love how true and solid their connection is, don’t get me wrong, I thought it was sweet at first, but this kind of hinders them from developing their own characters. Sometimes it gets annoying when sister A babbles about sister B and vice versa. I mean they don’t share the same umbilical cord for pete’s sake. But well, they loved each other so that’s given. While I personally don’t share the same passionate bond with my sisters, it was nice that they feel strongly about their sibling.

I loved how Ms. White adapt her writing and tone it down to make it sound genuinely like a teenager, though at sometimes it slipped that it made me feel that it was trying too hard to sound juvenile. There’s no big noticeable difference between Fia and Annie’s voice. Sometimes I get them switched, if I didn’t check the title to see who is now narrating, I’ll be all confused. They were thinking almost the same thing that I thought there’s only one talking.

As for the romance, don’t get your hopes deflated because the book also offers that too. The quantity was minimal but interesting at some point. We have James (who I find more appealing) who’s all this serious, organized with some ‘shades of gray’ personality going on (villain but not totally, he has some major spoilerish issue which I didn’t see coming in the end) and there’s Adam, who is for lack of better term is ‘ok.’ I’m certainly and obviously biased, aren’t I?

Mind Games is a good start of a potentially awesome series. There are big rooms to explore and characters need further development. And I’m expecting those in the sequel.

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