When I went to HK last 2016 with my sister, due to time & budget we didn’t get to visit Disneyland! I said, if all aspects permit, I will def come back & visit what is dubbed as the happiest place on earth…or so they say! Well, I did enjoy this visit last year (before the whole pandemic put the world into a halt!) & I’m about reminisce my latest travel (a year after it happened;;; what can I say life happens & I’m just buried with laziness & procrastination).

Because we had kids on tow in this trip, we really needed some kind of child-friendly escapism and what’s better than an amusement park. This will be my third overseas theme park that I visited! I visited Legoland in Johor, Malaysia and Universal Studios Singapore. As I said I’m not the biggest fan because well rides are not so much of my thing. Also,,, hello I have severe fear of heights?? and majority of rides aren’t meant for someone like me *hides* Honestly, we booked flights to Osaka, Japan but we had VISA problems (some were rejected we don’t know why *cries*) so at the last minute we had to find a country that the whole fam will enjoy. Since it will take a month for South Korea to release VISA we immediately crossed that out (it was already December then)! And well, we’d been to Singapore so…we were gearing between Thailand, Malaysia, or Hong Kong but we don’t know any amusement parks in Thailand so we ended up choosing HK because of Disneyland. There were so many factors to consider when we pushed through with our travel plan but I’m not get into details anymore! Let me just reminisce for today *hides*

Our second day in Hong Kong was spent entirely on Disneyland, my nephew & niece were excited because this is their turf! Even though I’m not amusement park goer myself still gotta admit I was excited too, who wouldn’t right? We got huge discount during the year-end (2019) sale on klook! Which was a big saver (I miss scoring airplane sale and travel attractions tixs!! I miss travel & planning in general!) Our hotels wasn’t in Lantau, we were in HK Island so a bit of stops then changed to Sunny Bay riding that Mickey Mouse-fied train! It was cute!We were 45 minutes late ‘cos we needed to eat breakfast first! So I didn’t get to to take picture on that arc because the sun was so high and it was really bright & hot (in January!!!) Anyways, we got some during the night which was pretty still!

So it was so amazing! It was actually big! Take note, I only seen two parks prior so I was kinda amazed! Of course, we roamed around first, took pictures in Main St! it was so picturesque so we got some instagrammable photos (though my fam didn’t take nice pictures of me…or I’m not photogenic so that’s the problem!) but yeah, it was so pretty! There were street food available like waffles and ice cream and popcorn which I think tasted more decent than the resto we dined in for lunch haha (or it was fault that I didn’t read my order??? never is a fan of curry) After my nephew joined that Star Wars training something?? I forgot ‘cos the entire program was narrated in Cantonese 💦 then we went from one ride to another while I “almost” successfully avoided anything that were too fast and too high! Yes, almost because my older brother dragged me in this ride which we thought WASN’T a roller-coaster but it ACTUALLY was! I was really dizzy and nauseous after. I was glad I brought a small first aid (like always!) on my travel so I had anti-vertigo pills with me! Since they pitied me we took a rest & watched the Moana stage in the meantime. Then off we did rides again! Me, I personally enjoyed the Mystic Manor, it was so fun I rode it twice! There was not a lot of people in Disneyland, we barely waited to ride so we kinda enjoyed it!

It was overall an amazing first time in Disneyland! We were set on visiting Universal Studio Osaka, but Disneyland HK proved to be an amazing treat! The only regret I have is that I didn’t get to take a pic with some Disneyland characters. I saw Mickey & Minnie though but there was bit of line so we passed the opportunity! And well, the iconic Cinderella’s castle was under repair that time, too bad! But still, it was amazing trip! Ah, writing this down made me miss traveling!