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I knew from the very beginning of our trip that dropping by Kinokuniya was a must! I googled where it is located and I made sure to spare few moments to visit it. Luckily KLCC, a huge mall in KL is located a few blocks from where we stayed. I told my mom and sis that I wanted to check out the store which they generously obliged. Me and my youngest sister were too gleeful to finally see it for ourselves.

To those who are not in the know what the heck is Kinokuniya; it’s large bookstore chain originated in Japan with several stores located around the world. At first I was only interested in their Japanese manga/books selection because I can’t find a single store here in Manila that offers it. We only have English ones (and just recently Filipino translated) available here. So you don’t know how ecstatic I was to visit Kinokuniya (you could say that it was on my top priority list of must see in KL LOL). 1009254cq7evun01h


And you could say I was completely blown away: aisles after aisles of books!!! You know the feeling bookworms of being surrounded by books, yes? But even my inner otaku sprouted its curious head when I immediately saw manga! At first I was confused because the first few aisles I saw were all in Chinese. I can’t understand a lick of Chinese. So I move around and saw other aisles again, this time in English. They have wider selection than those Fullybooked stores I visited. The price was almost the same as in Philippines too. But it still wasn’t the language I wanted. (Actually they have manga available in four languages: Malaysian, English, Chinese Language (Mandarin?) and Japanese), I came back to the CH language manga perhaps I might’ve overlooked it. I slowly moved around until I recognized kana & knew then and there when I saw this:


Yes, yes!!! Finally saw what I’ve been looking for! And you could say I was so happy to see it. So many JP manga as far as the eye can see. I only have few ringgits in my wallet (we came from Central Market before it and I spend few bucks during our little trip over there). I tried using my card (it’s VISA so I was hoping it’ll get through). You could I was nervous (it took some time to process LOL) but I was so happy to be able to buy them:


Shocks, their only latest HQ tanks were up to 15. The Kuroko no Basket were for my sister. :3 We love sports manga, what can I say!

Aaaaaah~ I wish to visit it once again. It’s really amazing to buy ’em on stores than online (which is the only means I have here in PH). Someone bring Kinokuniya here in the Philippines! I want to return to that bookworm/otaku paradise~! 481882b10v9bzcdj

(I apologized for the very low quality photos. I was too shy to snap photos inside the bookstore so I used my low-tech phone while stealthily capturing some, haha).


3 Responses to Mitchii’s mini adventures in Kinokuniya!

  1. Kezia says:

    I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. Kino is HUGE and I was overwhelmed with giddiness when I visited the branch in Jakarta a few years back. Since then, it’s been on the top of my must-visit list when I’m going to Jakarta hahaha. But I hate the fact that they put HQ tanks on the top shelf which was too high for me to reach lol. The disadvantage of being short people xD

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Haha, the shelves placed on the walls were higher, like you I can’t reach it. T^T #smallpersonproblems Yes, it was so overwhelming. It’s not just the books but their entire catalog was just so diverse!!! SO jealous you guys have Kino stores. I want want one here in the Philippines. *sobs*

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