Author: Emmy Laybourne
Series: (Monument 14 #1)
Published: June 5th 2012
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Categories: Science Fiction, Dystopia/Post-Apocalyptic

I’m giving this a 3 star even though I’m greatly disappointed with the book. I was originally going to read Storm but I couldn’t get into it. Funny, I chose a bunch of kids in a superstore than the four hot brothers. That says a lot. Anyhoo, I was unable to put it down and managed to finish it in a day. Honestly, I thought it’s going to be a slow read, it wasn’t really that action-packed than I expected it’d to be but I’m heavily interested with what’s happening outside the supermarket so I keep on reading. Turns out I still don’t know what’s really happening outside (the magnitude of the catastrophe). And by time the kids finally realized that they need to wear their big boy/girl pants and check outside, the book had ended.

The story of fourteen kids stuck in supermarket. That’s so different from the post-apocalyptic books I read before. Frankly I have never read such thing. This is completely original to me. Usually the setting is in a deserted island, or ruins or man-made arena where people wish that the odds will be ever in their favor. But here, they’re in a supermarket and that’s quite a convenient place. All the necessities they need are there: food, medicine, heck, even books! I was looking forward on how the book will show the kids’ survival when all their needed supplies are present. So with their basic needs covered, one of the few things I hope to see was how they will make the supplies last. And how the kids will cope up with no knowledge of what’s going to happen. Fear of uncertainties. But it almost failed to show that.

Dean is the protagonist and also the narrator. With him is his brother, a few schoolmates and some much younger kids. Dean reminded me of Percy but he lacks the sarcasm and wit Percy has. His voice wasn’t really that boring but there’s something missing that I could not completely enjoy the way he tells the story. In fact none of the characters move me, left an impression on me. Dean was this regular guy, he wasn’t the leader type and he didn’t have any monumental (no pun intended) moments. Unlike his brother who was good in computers/gadgets. Or like Niko who has good leadership skills. All I know he’s in charge of the food (he’s not even a cooking genius like Batiste) and he was madly in love with Astrid. The thing is I don’t understand why he liked her in the first place, granted she’s pretty (and popular). But what else?

In short, he was so average. And that’s not really bad. It just sort of affected the story (for me) since he’s the one telling it.

There’s also a romance and I should be celebrating, but for the love of cheesecake it was so…ugh. *smh* Dean is in love with Astrid but she liked Jake. And they were very much into each other and Dean knew, he even saw them having sex and **spoiler**the result of unprotected sex: she is four months pregnant**spoiler** There’s also another love triangle: Niko, Josie and Brayden. And I was like “guys, the world is probably ending outside and you have the time to think of this stuff?!” Sheesh, hormones.

What I consider the climax of the story was when two adults got in the picture. Mr. Appleton who was sick and Robbie who was very charismatic won the hearts of the kids and the thirteen year old chick named Sahalia. They found out about Robbie and Sahalia and that was when the guns made an appearance. And someone died. And after that, finally, finally they thought of checking outside.

They got the bus moving but Dean stayed to my dismay. But I got the glimpse of what’s happened with his family and maybe the people outside. So yes, I’m really interested to know what’s going on (because I didn’t get that much) so I’ll pick up the sequel.