I have shoujo series that I’m quite invested these days. One of these is Hirunaka no Ryuusei. I absolutely adore this one. I just tried it without so many expectations. I have this thing called downtime where I want something nice, fluff to read/watch. Since shoujo manga is not that widely animated (at least the ones I like aren’t animated…yet!) like it does to shounen, I always cling to mangas to satiate this thirst for romance! And oh boy, do I get. I get!

Ok, so maybe there are lots shoujo manga tropes here: attractive teacher, first heartbreak, new love, returning ex, bitch girl turned friend and lotsa more! Know what?! I freaking don’t care. I think how these tropes were executed was really charming that it made it work. Plus, I am in love Mamura! And yes, I am freaking ship Mamura and Suzume. Why? Because I CAN?! No, seriously, there’s something about Mamura, the shy guy, who finally able to trust a girl for the first time and her, being loved by someone with liberty and can reciprocate without these dangled strings everywhere makes this ship shippable (oh my, is this even a word?) But really, there are so many things to love with this series.

Of course, I’m quite the fast reader that I have tried and tested some short series (which I plan to post laters…or whenever the mood strikes) but another one of my favorites is Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji. This series? Fun! Fun! Fun! It’s very light to me. It makes me laugh, sometimes swoon and even aggravated. But that only happens when Kyouya is being a little difficult to Erika. But overall, it was really a great read! I look forward to more chapters (still ongoing). And great news, I heard there’s an anime in the works! Woooooot! I’m so happy!

Then there’s Mairunovich. Which I do like but feel a little restless because I don’t know how many chapters there really are. I already read the latest in Japanese and it’s not complete yet! Even though MAL said it has 75 chapters (and I read chapter 75 and it’s not done yet!). Ugh, hopefully I’ll find some clearance to this blurry information.

Now that I’ve fangirled over my shoujo reads, off to continue Yowapeda (so far so good!)