too much re-reading

I think I told everyone before how much of a big re-reader I am. There are reasons why I opt re-reading instead of picking up new books/manga to read. I even said that I also now consider the re-reading value of the titles I read on how rate it books (or manga…sometimes). Because sometimes when I exhaust myself with reading new titles (mediocre ones, unfortunately it happens a lot) I always rely to my favorites to let’s say revitalize my waning interest. It sometimes amazes me how much I can read this story over and over again. Like for instant, Skip Beat! by Yoshiki Nakamura; I’ve read it more than what I can count on my fingers—of both hands! No, seriously, I read it far too much that a question lingered while I try ransacking my thoughts—how much can I reread it?

So how much is too much? Can I get tired of rereading the same story? I read it far too much to have even memorized some of the dialogues and yet when the going gets tough (like slump, that’s toughest y’all) I cling to my faves like a lifeline. It’s simultaneously amazing and strange to be so fixated on that story. It’s kinda powerful to have that connection to it that you don’t mind reliving it again and again. 😉

Although granted I don’t re-read in succession. After many months, maybe I’ll go and reread it. I don’t read it after I just well, re-read it. It takes a while before I pick it up and think that “maybe it’s the right time to read it again.” Even though I have 1236926993095323 books/manga on my stash ready for some lovin, I still am gravitating like a moth to flame to my favorites. Somehow it’s startling how immersed I am with this certain story. Mind you, my favorites aren’t exactly the Nobel Prize in literature kinds of stories. But man, do I love them. :mrgreen: I am fiercely in love with them.

That being said, not all faves are worth re-reading. I also have contrasting thought that nothing still beats reading the book the first time you do. I mean, reading a story for the first time: all the emotions—excitement, getting to know the characters, diving to the unknown. The thrill just plunging to a story you have no idea how will go (well, except the predictable). 🙁 And that for me is a great deal in itself and that’s why I never cease to look for new reads. Yet, rereading is something I’ve always been so passionate about.

If reading the first time is like meeting a new lover, I guess rereading is to know more about the person. There are something to be said about unearthing new things beyond the first impression. At least that’s how I think of it. Both new & reread are good. But question remains after all my inexplicit ramblings above: how much can I read the same story? Based on my personality who sticks to what I love the most; indefinite. But really, how much is too much rereading? One, two, three…50? Is there really a story you will never get sick of no matter what? Maybe. Maybe not.

How about you? How much do you think you can read the same book/story? Share your thoughts with me!