I used to be this person that can’t listen to music while reading. I tend to sing along with the song currently playing leaving the book I’m reading unattended, and in worst case, I’ll put the book down and belt my lungs out. I’m a frustrated singer what can I say. I can be easily distracted that’s why I find nighttime to be most ideal time to read. It’s quiet and I can concentrate on what I’m reading.

But recently, I finally managed to conquer this little obstacle. I can now listen to music while reading. I heard some readers like plugging their earphones and blast the music (just like my sister) tuning out the noise. This logic didn’t make sense to me when I heard this reason. Isn’t the music can be distracting? It turns out it does help out tune out the noise. I finally saw the logic there. And if the playlist is in shuffle it’ll help me as well, since I don’t know what song will play next, it helps me not to get distracted. After a while, I tend to forget the music and just focus on reading. It’s not that I’m completely ignoring what I’m listening, I don’t know, but for some reason, the music and its beat keep me out from zoning, which sometimes happen when the story becomes too boring.


Above: My current reading pile. Below: Songs came from these albums.

I think it also contributed on what songs I’m currently listening. As you can see I’m listening to Japanese music—again. Watching anime brought back so many interests and this is included. It’s not that I can’t sing along with it anymore (I still can…just with slight accent now, much to my dismay) but Japanese songs have this beautiful arrangement and they have unique style. I just adore it, listening to their music comes in hand in hand since songs are heavily featured in animes that I watched.

I also liked keeping tabs on what I’m currently listening, it’s why I signed up a account (and if you have one, kindly add me <– shameless plugging, I know. I’m chocodenim there. :P) Before my stats wasn’t that accurate but I installed a app on my phone so every time I listen it scrobbles the songs (even if I’m offline, I think it will update once I gain internet access. Or so I thought.). It’s very handy for someone like me who likes to record things, haha.

But going back to the topic, I’m immensely happy that I seized this obstacle. I’m not the best person or the most comfortable in multitasking. But for me to achieve this is a big deal, I don’t need to listen and read separately. I can do it at the same time!

Do you also listen while reading? What’s in your playlist right now? Would you like to share it with me?