Blogger / Why I keep my private info super hush, hush & my affairs low-key!

If you’re gonna ask if it’s possible to retain you anonymity despite having a platform online where you can get carried away with the things you’re sharing, it’s still possible. I highly value my privacy, that’s why I still float around with my online alias badge.  I’m not comfortable baring everything on the interwebs, I’m cautious that way. So maybe, some of the peeps online already know my real name (and you know how search engines tracks us all the damn time!), but I think I’m way too reserved tell everyone the me offline.

The me offline somehow differs from the me onlineAlthough in often cases my RL personality bleeds through the words I spouted online, I still reserve a lot of myself from the public eye. Why? I just find that my life isn’t something I should yell to the whole world to know (not that there’s anything worth yelling to the void, but you got my gist right?).  And what I love to talk about, or to share online isn’t exactly about me—more on what my interests are.

And what I love to talk about, or to share online isn’t exactly about me—more on what my interests are.

I rarely publish photo of myself…at least not up close. Because you know…privacy, but at the same time I want people to know that there’s a real person behind the screen! Working her way to share the things she likes. It is why I always litter so much of personality in the way I write! Unprofessionally it might seem. Silly to others perhaps, but that’s just me and I think it’s OK to show who you are even if you reserve so much about yourself. This is my compromise.

I also don’t regard so much about getting known out there. High traffic? Not my thing!  I mean that perhaps the reason why I sneakily renamed last month! Because I like my blog to be as intimate as possible. Sure enough, I decided to add more me—but the ‘personal’ it’s not about me ‘me’ but me + interests! Giving myself own reservations allow me to share what I think OK for people to read. Guess, I truly am stuck-up queen but the alone time—I love it. The exclusivity, yeah maybe I prefer that.

Now, if you’re asking why for a person so reserved decided to blog openly? Simple, I still want to share…really, that’s it. I want to share what I’m currently doing, what I’m currently into and what’s making me happy nowadays. Is those reasons not good enough? I mean, it’s meek but that’s all there is to it. I don’t need to bare everything to blog, what my interest and how much I love it will suffice as blog topics. No need to know so much of me as I am really not that complicated or interesting—that’s my interest not me, hence RL things? I’d rather keep it to my offline self.