Let me start this post with truest statement about human beings: we are not perfect. We’re susceptible to a lot of things and sometimes it ends up as a bad habit. And as another saying even describes bad habits as something hard to break. It sure is!

I’m not gonna go all philosophical, I just want a catchy intro. So yep, I’m gonna ramble about my bad reading habits. I generally have good reading habits. And reading is something I associated with mental detox (which I need constantly hence every day reading!! ) so I always think about it positively. But I’m gonna talk about the not so beautiful side of my favorite pastime (well, nothing really that bad… me thinks?) But I fell like addressing it might set things straight for me (as always, this is self pep talk haha)

I love to start new series…but not everything I read until the end.

Oh boy, do I L-O-V-E starting new series. I love visiting catalogues and I love putting heck of a lot of titles in my reading list. Sound interesting? TBR here we go! That’s how I always roll. And if you frequent my blog, I always have new things to read. I write it briefly every month via my recap. So, most of them were new and sadly most of them are unfinished. If they are still ongoing, I have valid excuse, but the thing is sometimes I forget…but I will discuss this below.

I sometimes, often actually, judge by its cover or art.

I know, I know I said it before that I try not to judge anymore but I can’t help it. It’s the designer in me, I crave pretty art (pretty in my standard, k?). There were countless of times that I was proven wrong by my first impression. But it’s not like I can avoid it completely, it just the art speaks to me first than the story. Even though as many I was subverted by this shallowness, the same amount of times too I was disappointed of picking pretty art but abysmal story—an empty beauty.

I tend to forget some series that I read.

One of the reasons why, or at least the biggest un-motivator for me why I don’t get to finish the series I’ve started is that I get bored and forgot it entirely. This happens a lot of times. There are bunch of factors aside from boredom; one, there’s availability! I read a LOT and majority are ongoing series, even though I am trying keep up with my manga schedule, majority slips off my radar, especially if I find them so-so. This is the reason why I am keener to read finished series or long running with many chapters out already (not series level), the more invested I am the more likely I will follow it regularly. Well, it really depends, popularity or former favorite status be damn, it is all about the mood, and the mood sometimes is good enough to give it a second chanceor many chances.

I reread. Like a lot. Like so much you won’t even understand.

I’ve said so much about my intense love for re-reading! And I don’t think I have much to say (at least right now, I don’t have anything to add to the plate) but sometimes when the mood strikes for something specific and I couldn’t that find that fits label, I ended up looking at my favorites stash, and the reread triggers my burning passion to reread others. There’s always comfort in rereading ‘cos I know the story from front to back and I know it wouldn’t disappoint me.

I stopped reading some series because of…shipping!

I know such a shallow reason but shipping is life! And I tend not to go and smash keyboard out of anger because my ship didn’t end up canon (but I can be petty sometimes with my passive-aggressive tweets shading the opponent…gotta rant somewhere, I can’t just hold it in). Like (Shokugeki no Soma), yeah, I stopped reading it. While the biggest reason was the story & how ridiculously uninspired it became, like the writer didn’t know what to do about it + I was so fed up with how they treating my fave character in favor of the other one (the absolutely boring character I ever have that displeasure of reading ), I also didn’t like how they supposedly “developed” the pairing…Well, technically nothing official yet, it’s all about interpretation for now. Still I’ll pass, the writing took a nose dive and we all know that was the real issue here—but yeah, my ship dammit!