Personal / There are blessings even in the tiniest moments of our lives.

For many Filipinos, Lenten season means vacation and going home. It’s the time when the streets of Manila is the most quietest and traffic free. I supposed that was also the same thing I was waiting for—a long break and maybe a time to do my stuff more efficiently. But sometimes I forgot the reason why we honor Holy Week every year in the first place. It’s not just vacation but also remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a Christian I tend to forget how important these days are and what it symbolizes. And how thankful I am that I got saved.

I’d taken the good things for granted and had allowed bad things to waver me.

I’m gonna talk about being thankful actually. I think regardless of the problems I faced or will face; God has always been by my beside throughout—even though admittedly doubted when it got tougher and I was about to break down. But every time that doubt creeps in, I remember all the wondrous things that happened and all those answered payers that I’ve taken for granted. I’m not the showiest person in everything I do, but for once I want to say thank you for all the things that God has done and will do for me in the future, especially saving me from sins. And I think this season is best time to say it.

I have to stop feeling impatient, I have to learn to wait and to trust 100%.

It’s quite amazing to have faith. And I’m not just talking my relationship with God, but faith in general. To have the capacity to trust wholeheartedly is really great. I know sometimes I tend to waver and feel anxious of what comes ahead. It’s my personality to be wary of the unseen future. And I feel bad despite the numerous answered prayers I received I still have reservations, maybe because sometimes God says no and that makes me feel insecure. But in retrospect the no wasn’t always a no, but it was asking me to wait for something else, even something better. It’s my personality to be a little impatient and get myself worry for all the possibilities.

There are answered prayers and blessings even in the tiniest moments of our lives.

I’m not perfect, and no one is, but I’m relieved that despite my own self betraying me sometimes, my faith is a constant reminder of better things. I have tons of answered prayers. And prayers request I always ask in the daily basis are a true and solid testament of God’s guidance in my life. It is usually unnoticeable but like what I read before the small, feeble moments are what make our lives, we just tend to remember the big ones and highlight them most of the time.  But it’s true, it’s the small moments that make up of our lives, and there’s God blessings in there and answered prayers. And with that I have to remind myself to be always thankful.