Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii gives you some best friend to lovers stories that you should def try!

I love best friends falling in love story! It’s my type of poison. When I read summaries with this plot, I automatically read it. I’m a big believer that friendship is a solid foundation of a good relationship! I love to see couples who don’t only treat their partners solely as their romantic interest but also a friend they can trust! So with that, stories like these make my heart melt and my being absorb! Let’s get into it!

대새녀의 메이크업 이야기 (Dolled Up)  – So far the girl is with another guy but after reading the boy best friend back story, I just can’t help but to root for him super damn big time! The story was about a girl who was given a doll, and this said doll is alive and helping her do her make-up—teaches her too about cosmetics and other stuff about beauty! With this she started to get the attention of some other guy! But when I first saw the best friend I automatically ship them! He’s so nice to her and has been there since they were kids! See, foundation! Hopefully the author will give chance to the best friend bcos damn girl, they need to be together!

キケンマニア (Kiken Mania) – She wanted the best boy but she got was a cheater, good thing her friend is there for her! It was very short manga but I love all that 11 chapters! I loved the fluff and the simplicity of the romance—all you need is to look around you, and maybe Mr. Right is right there along! And in this case! He was!

恋だの愛だの (Koi Dano Ai Dano) – I think I have everything relevant laid about this series. And I’ve mentioned this title in almost every damn rec/list post I made so far! But! They’re my holy grail! No, I just love this series: heroine was unconventional, the love triangle was so pleasing and just everything about it so darn entertaining! And while I did think the Nadeoko was pretty girl regardless of what the people thought of her, I loved that both boys fell in love with her because of her personality! Damn, she was one of a kind!

おとなりコンプレックス(Otonari Complex) – I love this series! I love it to the moon and back! It’s so nice, and slow, and nice and goodsy feel and just asdfhjklkhfgffssaf  I can’t even think of the right words to say! When I first got into it, I was expecting some funny gender bender sort of shenanigans. But it wasn’t, at least to me that’s not the core. I love how it showcases the main characters dynamics and interactions and how they slowly but surely moving from ‘just a childhood friends’ to ‘definitely more!’ I can’t recommend this enough!

우리사이느은 (Our Relationship Is) – more drama ensued in this one but at the end of the day they finally got their feelings sorted and risked what they have! I already wrote my rec post about this series and I implore you to read it in case you’re up to the task to read some lil drama love story about best friends!

슈퍼 시크릿 (Everybody’s Got A Secret) – Ah~ this is cute! The art is cute! The characters are cute! Everything’s cute, and fluffy—like literally because the male MC is a werewolf! I loved how it started with the boy acting like dotting father/brother! But once the girl got into a relationship + the meddling of his sisters, he realized that he wanted more from him, and friendship simply isn’t enough!  Go my boy!!