The list of things I want to do in 2017 is very small and very modest & yet I still failed in like, half of them. Well, I managed to re-read books so that’s pretty fine and dandy (ETA: reread not read… *sobs* I’ve corrected!). I didn’t get to do my sketch note because I’m just lazy and my drawing sucks…hmmm, what else, of course money hahahahahahaha (I’ll explained it below).  I did learn Korean but I need to study more, more, more!! The friendlier and outgoing has tossed out of the window because not only did I renamed, I permanently turned off my comment section and didn’t tell anyone about the blog changes. So much for being friendly. LOL Take risk? Nah? I’m still terrified to make a bold step!

So as you can already guess 2017 isn’t really that…good…for me. But I’m not gonna blame anyone about this situation but myself! I think I shall pick up the learning I got from this year and make those experiences valuable lessons as I face the new year! And what’s great thing about new year it’s give you some fresh perspective and motivation to try again. So I want to 2018 not to precede what’s happened in ’17. I’m more determined and less shaken about things ahead.  I’ve learned to lean on the words of God—which is the most important guide in our lives. In Psalm 143:8, it says: let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.

1. More Bible self-study! ∙ I think I have to level up my bible study and fully and naturally integrated in my life. If I have tons of time to spare for reading & other hobbies, I think I’ll able to put some of my time in something very important. Like our pastor or our bible teacher always says, our spirits need food, and the word of God keep it from hunger. I’ve always put my spiritual needs last and that’s something I’m so ashamed to admit. I think I always just go to it whenever I’m in trouble, but it isn’t an emergency kit, it’s a necessity that need to intake daily. And that’s what I want to do right this coming 2018.

2. Healthier lifestyle! ∙ I think I have to put serious thought on how I push my body to the limit (like sleep and food). I’m not getting any younger. And I seriously feel that there are things that seriously aged as time goes by. I have to take care of my self—my physical health. For instance I didn’t seriously take effort of taking care of my skin so when the biggest breakout of my life happened—triggered by hormones of course, I’ve realized that I should really need to take this earnestly. Same with other stuff, like food (totally cut down caffeine—although I don’t regularly drink coffee since college anyways) and sleep! SLEEP!!!

3. Read more book/s! ∙ I’m sweating and fidgeting over my very humbling GR challenge of 5 books. I didn’t think that reading five books is very hard for me to do now— as someone who used to read one book a day in the last few years. In my defense it isn’t that I abandoned reading in general, I read the same unhealthy amount like I did before. It’s what I read that has drastically changed. Nevertheless, I want to balance that out. I want to start reading books, at least organically integrate it to my reading habit. This time I want to read one book per month!

4. Read a (Japanese) light novel ∙ And by ‘a’ yes it means just one for the entire year! I know, it’s still quite ambitious of me. And while I can read Japanese better than before (I can even do translations now, and yep, entire chapter, not just snippets) I find that light novels to be quite a tall order. Manga has tons of images, in a way not as intimidating compare to reading wall of Japanese text. But I want to push that limit! I’ve already chosen which one I’ll read it: ひるなかの流星 まんがノベライズ特別編〜馬村の気持ち〜 It’s the novel version of ひるなかの流星 (one of my fave manga of all time) in Mamura’s POV! I hope to enjoy this one because I’m quite intrigued how the story is in Mamura’s eyes.

5. Write my journal the traditional way! ∙ It’s something I want to do since the start of 2016 but alas I failed miserably. I even compromised by doing sketch note but failed that one, too! Even though I hoarded enough notebooks, stickers and pens to give me the right nudge to start that traditional journal writing adventure, I was still unsuccessful. Plus, I’m such a digital person that it’s really easy for me to jot down things via my electronics. BUT!!! This has to change this 2018! I decided to make compromise (is a secret how!)  and maybe this method will help me achieve this little yearly goal of mine!

6. Save up money!! ∙ I’m not best at making decisions especially one that involves money. There I said it. Even though people told me I’m frugal (a la Mr. Krabbs—but no, I’m not! If I was, I have mucho dineros under my bed) I don’t think I’m smart at spending money. I tend to think twice of buying something cheap over something expensive (yet effective).  You know what I often do? I buy the cheap one and regret it. That’s how stupid I am when it comes to money. So I want to change my unhealthy spending habits! 2018 please prove me wrong—2017 is such a debbie downer when it comes to this, frankly!

7. Travel More! ∙ Although I have one sure travel plan lined up next year, I want to travel twice in 2018. This is in conjunction to my problem above—yep, money! I’m not the lavish type of person when it comes to travels (I’m a cheapo!) but it still needs money—and for a poor person like me, it’s quite an amount already! So I want to budget it really, really smartly for it to happen.  And yes, any of the places I mentioned in this post!

8. Commit to serious blog photography! ∙ I slacked BIG TIME when it comes to blog photos this year. Last year, I dropped my camera and it won’t turn on. Because life just gets in the way of things + I became more dependent to stock photos as well that I didn’t give it any thought to make my own photos anymore! But I feel like this generic “flat lay” photos aren’t personal— aren’t me! Inaccurately representing my blog! It just won’t fit to the post! And I want my newish not really-so blog to be more personal. It’s why I want to do some serious blog photography for my posts next year. No, I don’t think I’m buying DSLR (didn’t I say I’m cheapo, and too technical for me anyways). But I want photos that are mine and mine alone!

9. Serious Language study (like serious) ∙ From unable to read Korean to managing to string incomprehensible and rigid Korean sentences, I think my studies has teensy weensy improve! But I want to aim higher, so I have to do more serious reading and learning in 2018. And not just Korean, because my Japanese is pretty far from what I want it to be (it’s still easier for me to read Japanese but pretty hard to express myself in Japanese or when I listen to Japanese audio). So still has MORE work to be done!

10. Write a post purely in Japanese? ∙ It’s more a challenge rather than a goal but I want to publish at least one blog post entirely in Japanese. I know, I know, my 2018 goals are pretty assertive but I’m feeling 2018 is the right start. I was very restless and semi-hopeless when 2017 was about to arrive—that I carried those negative thoughts this year SO!! I want to change things! I have to do something right this time. And assertiveness is the right attitude for this. So yeah, writing Japanese even though how modest my knowledge is? Bring it on, it’s an experiment challenge I want to do!

11. Less/No revamping of my blog’s theme ∙ Rainyink had so many revamps compare to Aeropapers—that was twice its age! In retrospect that blog phase had serious identity crisis, ahaha. Seriously, I kept changing, and changing and nothing satisfied me until the end! After two months there’s an itch to change. But you know what; this no revamp in a while thing came to me so easily. Because I love my theme right now! I approached the design process to be very personal. Yes, of course, I won’t stop tweaking but I don’t think I’ll change it soon. I want this design to last longer (let’s say, a year?)

12. Learn to balance the important things ∙ This is such general and pretty ambiguous goal. What do I mean by important things? Let me keep it to myself for now. I always shove important things in the back burner and do things I know is easy, and less problematic. Yes, I escape—habitually! But I want to face this slowly but surely. I can’t run away from it every time! Time to brace up, self!