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Title: My Soul to Steal Author: Rachel Vincent Pages: 352...

Title: My Soul to Steal
Author: Rachel Vincent
Pages: 352

I’ve been looking around from goodreads user’s review, to Ms. Rachel Vincent’s accounts (formspring, twitter and her blogs (and forums) for spoilers. Yes, I’m so excited that I really don’t care if I look like a deranged stalker, because those tidbits of spoilers people talked about left me craving for more info. I only found out the series in November, so the waiting game for me isn’t that long compare to those who wait for it for who knows how long (the anticipation varies, we’re not talking the real time frame here). So when I read it, I’m freaking happy, excited, sad, frustrated, all rolled in to one. I think (it’s just me, ok) that I like My Soul to Keep a little bit (very, very little) than this book. But all in all, this book is amazing! Tod is amazing but I’m gonna take a short detour first and talk about something else. But please anticipate the long Tod (plus Kaylee) OMG later, lol.

I love Kaylee, like Tod said she’s change, for the better. I already witnessed the maturity of her character in the third book but here it just proved that she isn’t the damsel in distress she was when Kaylee was introduced in the first book. She can protect herself, heck; she can protect everyone if she set her mind to. The only frustrating thing about her is how she clings too much on Nash. I know the guy is in a wreck and needs help (but I’m still solid in my stance that it his fault, so he needs to dealt it on his own. Ok that was harsh, but whatever he is now, it his fault so deal with it). But the conversation (more of an argument) with Sabine always left me gritting my teeth with annoyance. The two girls are fighting over a guy (and nope, in my watch he isn’t worth fighting for) whose better for him. I think both of them laid everything on the table and play the who-got-the-ace-wins-the-prize (which is Nash). I had enough of the fight, because Nash? Definitely not worth it. And what’s up with all these dispute of who deserves him, why does anyone of them ask if Nash deserves Kaylee? Does he? Because if you ask me I’ll firmly say NO.

Oh and Sabine, the ex-girlfriend? the mara? I hate her. And yes, apparently the only emotion her character brought out from me is anger. I hate the moment she was introduced and even though I know the reason she was acting like a bitch, my mind still firm that I hate her. Why would I like Sabine if she personified everything I hate in a person? See, I tried to see her personality outside my prejudices but the result is still the same. I really can’t like her, there’s nothing she can do that will change my mind, so that says a lot. I hate how she talked about how perfect she is to Nash (not that I care, she can have him for damn eternity if I were the one deciding). And unlike her, Kaylee treated her body sacred. So what’s wrong keeping it for a while, is the sanctity of the body, (virginity) so overrated? Her lecture about sex, really pisses me off. Damn, I hate her (wow, I used the word hate a lot in this paragraph). Sorry, her character is the type I absolutely disgust.

The real reason why I’m so excited about the book is because I wanted to read more about Tod. The moment he was mentioned I can’t help smiling like a stupid girl. I really adore him. I love the stunt he pulled to Nash at the end of the third book. And obviously, I know he is going to be very protective (that, and people mentioning it) of Kaylee. I have the same reaction like Kaylee when Nash told her that Tod doesn’t talked to him since then (ok he is still there but he isn’t talking with him). And you know why? Quoting Nash here, he decided to be her white knight. I mean, wow (in every sense of the word). Shocks, Tod, how could you. My poor fragile heart.

There are small scenes in the book that captured my heart (more of Kaylee/Tod moment). It so obvious that the reaper have “feelings” for Kaylee. When they went to Nash (technically his house too) and for a brief moment when they hold hands, his irises swirls. And I know what that means. Emotions – huge amount of them. I was telling my sister how Tod controls his emotions (unlike his little brother), a sign of maturity and I’m pretty sure it is not due to his age or his experienced with death (or maybe a little bit of it). Plus what he said to her, I know he is kidding and all, but I know it had a sting of reality to it – that he performs an important role in her life. Yes, he does. Damn it!

The talk about letting Nash go, is just a bittersweet moment for me. Some people said (am I too obvious how I stalked people who have already read it) that when Tod said that she deserves better (that it was apparent and people speculate that he might meant “pick me”), I totally agree with him (and them, can’t help being delusional for your otp, right? Now I call them otp, I’m totally screwed up). But he’s a reaper, and he is… well, dead. So this is completely hard to digest, like the possibility is less than zero (in other word, none). Negative? Yeah, how sad it is. Even Math agree with me.

The plot is not much exciting like the third book. It was more of the complications of Nash and Kaylee (let’s include Sabine for argument sake) relationship rather than the Netherworld and the hellion. Though they were mentioned, they weren’t a big of a deal than they were in the third book. But at least they are still there. Honestly, I find it very short. So I kinda feel half full (at least not half empty) but that saying, I didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I love the fourth book. And definitely will wait (this, once again will test my patience) for the fifth book. I hope it isn’t the last. And hopefully more Tod (and Tod/Kaylee). Pretty please?