So no Hot of the Press this week, well…I didn’t read anything this week so there’s nothing to report. I’m little withdrawn from reading (at least book wise, I’m still reading tons of manga this week as well). So here’s Week 23: In a Nutshell (full version)!

Otaku mode is still on full gear.

If it’s only possible to hug Gin this fiercely! I will!

I’m still binge reading Gintama while simultaneously watching the anime. Also started a new series called Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and I really liked it so far. It’s cutesy for my taste (the art) but it’s good, there’s not enough action to stabilize my interest but I think it’s getting there. Then finally, after years of postponing it I’m now watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and perhaps will read the last few volumes of the manga. Glad that we have copies at home! (and Shingeki!!! One of these days I’m going to write a post about this awesome series, just you wait!)

Tumblr, baby, it’s tumblr!

I’m spending so much time on tumblr. That thing is so addicting. Lots of fangirling, gifs, and information *whispers: spoilers* floating around. I think I’m addicted to re-blogging, it’s crazy. Most of the posts I reblogged pertained to this silver haired samurai I’m obsessing right now. I just can’t help. And tumblr animated hearts when liking a post sure is purrreeeettty cute!

Dabbling on some HTML

I’m working on something both personal and commission (this one I said yes before I stopped). I think I’m ok doing some sideline work as long it’s not rush job (but I’m not accepting right now though—unless…). It always took me eternity to design a blog because I’m crazy perfectionist who wants the design to meet my standard *designer equivalent of masochism* 😛

Some RL too.

I’m not really the type of person who shares a lot about her life. But I guess it’s fine to share a wee bit about me. Well, we went and visited my dad last week. I lost my dad last year, so that’s why I was in short hiatus back then. I can’t believe it’s been a year and time does really fly so fast. It’s God’s plan for him and my family and I have never doubted His reasons for everything.


How was your week, guys? Any news you would like to share? Care to share it with me? :YAY: :D

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