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How was like to ship a couple for such long...

How was like to ship a couple for such long time, like a decade, and get what you’ve always wanted? Blissful. I already put my very, very short two cents on the ending of probably one of the most iconic manga series of all time (and would love to write a decent one, in the next couple of days). Admit it haters, Kishimoto might not be consistent and we all raged on certain things pertaining the story (I still believe that Sasuke was the bane of my existence) but we can’t deny that his ninja world, Naruto’s story, left an impact, created a crater and will be there for years to come. Well at least on me, it will.

I’m not disappointed with the ending regardless of the outcome. But I’m more elated to find out that the couple I ship ended getting married and have kids (take note of this: kids, plural). And whatever bashing they do is quite pointless, because, well, they are canon as long as the final chapter is concerned. It is now useless to argue about how they think the author dismissed his characters by making a very quick wrap-up. I agree with the pacing, but in most parts of the argument, I don’t. If Sakura really had romantic feelings for Naruto, I think that would’ve manifested during the time they were together. The fact is, it didn’t. I did see Sakura genuinely care for Naruto. But we all know who Sakura really longed for and that wasn’t Naruto. If she did love him, as the other team claimed, would it be convenient to show him her affection while Sasuke was not in the picture (which basically covered the entire plot of part 2)? Was Naruto just really respected Sasuke and didn’t pursue her? Or was it because he already knew that Sakura was in love with his friend? I think the answer was the latter. For me, it wasn’t about whether the feelings is absent or not, but what kind it was. Sorry to break it you, all there was between Sakura and Naruto was platonic love. Aren’t you still happy? It is love nonetheless.

But it really does tick me off the wrong way, when they degraded Hinata nothing more than a meek, obsessed girl who doesn’t even compare to Sakura. Both female characters were highlighted differently. But Hinata’s character was emphasized in a very positive way. Hinata didn’t only try to better herself for Naruto. She mostly did it for herself. To her father. To everyone. She was criticized, mocked even because she didn’t par with her cousin, not even her younger sister. And to see someone who was in the same place like her, tumbling down, but strongly standing up, she had found the courage to do that to herself. Naruto was a role model for her. She loved his attitude in life; a person who never gives up. Who doesn’t back down his words. And she eventually fell in love with the person himself.

“In my eyes you’re a proud failure! When I look at you, I get an intense feeling in my heart. Because you are not perfect… Because you fail… you have the strength to get back up… Because I believe that’s what true strength is… — Hinata

Naruto chapter 98, pages 13-14

Honestly, to be able to love a person in that regard is very pure. Admit it, Sakura (and Ino) like Sasuke because of his looks. But Hinata saw Naruto not in a superficial way and with that no one can argue how real her feelings for this person who changed her life.

Now Naruto’s feelings were a little blurred that I admit. Naruto did have a crush on Sakura, but how his feelings were handled come mostly comical. And when it did become serious, Naruto flat-out rejected her because he knew who she really loved. And folks, that was not him. He answered her immediately, meaning he knew then and there that it was all a lie. And he didn’t pursue her after that because there weren’t romantic feelings present in the first place.

You know when I read chapter 559 and 615 that was it. It was the answer I was looking for, because to be able to tell a person his/her feelings by looking at them in the eyes, it means something deep about their bonds. And then Hinata’s speech in 615 sealed it and Naruto answered how Hinata was always by her side completed it. I knew then that Kishimoto had prepared something for them together. And to deny that is disregarding an established fact, over something that was obviously misinterpreted & distorted by their noticeably prejudices (apart from these overly imaginative theories about Kishimoto and Studio Pierrot).

Serious talk aside, I need the movie. The thought of waiting for six months is torture. I need that development that it has promised!

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