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Some things are about change here! I’ve been thinking about...

Some things are about change here!

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks now and I decided to implement it already. I wanted my blog to be more personal (than already is) so in connection to that I’m dropping some regular memes that I used to do every week. I’ve been experimenting with the features and I have finalized which ones I’m keeping. I’m also launching brand new ones, so yeah I’m pretty excited. 🙂


  • Hot Off the Press – I already launched it a couple weeks ago. This replaced my weekly book haul. This meme showcases my planning-to-read list for this week plus the books that are also due to be released that week that I already read and reviewed. I’ve realized that reviews I wrote for ARCs got buried on my blog’s timeline and it is kinda shame if I don’t highlight them so I rectified it by creating this meme.
  • Weekend Bookish Emoji (Emoticons) – I love emoticons. I tweet with ‘em. I comment and always end it with emoticons. If you noticed I used them a lot here. I have two sets of emoticons (smilies) because one is not good enough for me :p (< see?). If other people like to use animated gifs (from movies, TV shows, etc.) I love to use emoticons. So I decided to combine two of my fave things and this meme was born. I’m launching it today.
  • Bookish Verbosity – Yes, you guys, I caved in. I’m now doing it on a weekly basis. This is just your old fashion discussion post about books, book blogging and the book community.

Non Regulars:

  • A Noypi Reads – A non-regular feature here at Aeropapers where I showcase books written by Filipino authors that I have read. I decided to read & review works from my fellow kababayan.
  • Oh Genki!  (version 2.0) – A non-regular feature here at Aeropapers. Aside from reading western books, I also happen to be a big manga (&anime) fan. Manga (コミック) is a Japanese word for comics. There are thousands of manga out there in every genre. So here I am putting some spotlight to those that are worth plugging.
  • Browse & Tinker – A non-regular feature here at Aeropapers where I’ll showcase website, technology and others fancy things that are related to books and reading.
  • Thinking Outside the Box is a brand spanking new feature here at Aeropapers for topics that are random and may or may not be related to books.

I’m axing Stacking the Shelves and Waiting on Wednesday. I may or may not do Top Ten Tuesday but one thing’s for sure I’m not gonna do it regularly. It will greatly depend on the week’s topic.

And that’s about it. You can see all of this on my feature page.

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