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Title: Nightshade Author: Andrea Cremer Pages: 452 Rating: Just crap!...

Title: Nightshade
Author: Andrea Cremer
Pages: 452

Just crap! I’m way behind schedule. After my rigorous reading habit for the past few months, my pacing (my reading pace) becomes a bit faster. So I can read a book in one night. If I’m really bored I can finish two, haha. Apparently I don’t have a life – a complete FML if you ask me. My best companions are books. I miss web design somehow. Shall open photoshop one of these days and relive the passion I have before in web designing.

Anyhoo (what a complete nonsense introduction), I’m going to do a fast rundown of this book (or books if I ‘m lucky – or not lazy). I finished it for quite some time so I might forget what I initially wanted to say. So uhmm, let me try.

I take back everything I said about the wolves as being not the ‘it boy’ (at least not the glamorous one). While I do prefer the bloodsuckers (and fallen angels and fairies, ok, ok, I’ll stop I might mentioned every mythical creature I know) I still preferred reading wolves theme as opposed to vampires. I guess, wolves are a safe bet, if you know what I mean.

I always see this book and I was undecided to try it out because the girl is the one (I mean she is the wolf) but I read a lot of good reviews about it and I was kinda disappointed with Raised by Wolves so you can’t blame me for being a bit doubtful, but curiosity gets the better of me so I cave in then I read it. The verdict, it was good – in every positive connotation that word might means.

I really appreciate the author giving the wolves theme a bit of a twist. Instead of vampires the wolves are interacting with wizards (witches, magicians etc). I like the concept of guardians and keepers, I admit that was really unique. The way the story developed is really interesting and as cliché as it may sound pretty exciting. You really feel that the plot is wrapping quite good. And it’s not the old trick most author used of saving-the-best-for-last drama. You already know that the climax is building up based on the pieces of information given in each pace of the story. But if you think the anticipation runs slow by the end of the book, well, you’re wrong. The element of surprised is still there, so as far as the execution of the plot is concern, I’ll gave major props to Ms. Creamer. It was, like I said, good in every angle.

The characters, they are interesting. I like Calla for most part but she sometimes gets in my nerves for being too, I don’t know – two timer? Yeah, that was kinda harsh though (at least I didn’t say slut – that is ruthless beyond word) but you know she is literally attracted to two guys, kissing two guys, making out with them. And obviously this book has lots of sexual tension between the three major characters. Which for me, is sort of annoying. I mean Calla is pushing Shay away because she is marrying (meant for) Ren, being them as alphas and yet she still hanging out with him and somehow having a hard time (see, I’m nice, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt) refusing Shay’s advances.

I don’t have problem with Renier and Shay, except I’m torn between them. I like them, I mean I really, really like them. The flirting with Calla is, well, I kinda understand (I’m putting the decision of choosing on Calla. I always believe it is the girl’s call). It’s a competition (for them), and they obviously have strong feelings for Calla. So I completely understand where this rivalry rooting from. So I guess, may the best man wins. Oh and Ren, it’s not too late. I still see hope (a big one).

I did enjoy it, Calla confusing feelings for the two guys is, I guess was too much (for me). But that aside I really like the story. It’s a new take on wolves theme, and if you’re one of those tired of the same formula and wanted a fresh new idea on wolves, then this might be what you’re looking for.