This was inspired by a tweet that I saw while mindlessly scrolling through twitter: it says that we don’t need to feel guilty about not being in a mood to read, especially right now where everything’s just uncertain. And I just realized I’m the opposite; that I haven’t felt reading slump for the longest time. Maybe because—and more than ever—I need to withdraw from reality. And reading just gives me enough calm that I desperately need right now.

If you’re a regular here and read my monthly wrap-up, there was no month that I don’t read. Well, there was last January but that wasn’t because I wasn’t in the mood but more of I didn’t have time. I was super busy that first month of the year (guess fate planned for me to do everything in one month because we are meant to be stuck inside our homes). I digress, like I said I always read. I make time to read! I always look forward to my reading time. The lockdown gave way more time for me to read, although I need to admit that my life hasn’t changed that much because my sched pretty much the same except I don’t leave the house on a whim anymore. And maybe this restriction made me crave for more fantasy, adventure, of course my comfort genre, romance—’cos they make me feel alive! And temporarily make me forget. And I know most of us want to forget temporarily this difficult situation we’re in right now.

News too, are just so disheartening to read. It’s really wrong to assume that we’re experiencing and coping the same way! And while I maybe not as affected as others are, I still feel different effects of the situation. I’m so discouraged of some of the things I read; so I badly need a breather in the form of reading. It’s not turning my back on issues but my mental health needs that time off too. So I guess this intense reading mood is also a manifestation of my crave for normalcy. In a way when I read I feel like it was similar from my before. It’s an escape at least the few hours of the day are spend to relieving my built up stress.

I think I said before that reading is one of my main coping mechanisms. It’s why I haven’t felt any slumps for the past few months. If any, the way I read right now has been very intense, very enjoyable. So even if my travels or moving around has been restricted for health sake, adventures via reading remains. And that in itself is comfort for me. I’m glad I’m a big reader!